Old Gmodder coming back to play, Looking for server!

Hello! My name is Dobbes and I “Quit” Gmod a while ago and recently came back to the game and I have no servers or friends to play on/with.
I am currently looking for a central time zone server, But anywhere else is fine!
I would like it to be a sandbox and a low population or a tight knit group of people (since I dont have CSS and most RP servers require CSS for the maps)
Also a server without TONS and TONS of mods to download or to weigh the server down, or to just get in the way of the idea of the game.
I own TF2, Hl2, Portal 2. I am currently looking for a hopefully cheap copy of Ep1/2 and CSS to add for props and the game it self.
I have a little above average experience with the game and building, and I am usually a serious player looking for a good time building and having fun.
Add me on steam (Msessom) if you want to talk to me.

Sorry no one wants to play with a pony :C

You say it like its a bad thing, It doesnt effect how I play or anything, Or who I am really.

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You two might not, so what does it matter?

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Also I try not to use the server browser because you can never tell who or what is on a server, I came here to find a server without looking into every server on the browser.

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I don’t care whatever you guys like. I don’t diss anyone or start making flamewars about preferences and likes of someone. You should do the same.

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Back on topic.

I don’t really know any servers which don’t use CS:S, but you could always make a listen server.
Also it looks like your Steam profile link is broken, so if you want to add me then go ahead, I also would like to play some Gmod as i didn’t play it in a long time :P.

Ya everyone went off topic, but ya, I am looking for a good deal on CSS since most server use things that require CSS

pony fans are creepy as hell dude, nobody wants to play with pony fans. it’s a fact.

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Yea people here tend to go nuts when they find any reference related to MLP. Best to just ignore them

Well, I always do, But I didnt even get any answers to my original post

I’l be happy to play with you

please add me

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Okay i added you looks like I’m the only nice person here

Okay, that honestly made me laugh :v:.

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You’re welcome to drop by the GGG family of servers - we cater to a smaller group of people who are contraption enthusiasts.

GGG Novgorod -
GGG Toshkent -
GGG Baikonur -

Browsing servers, it is the best I’ve been on, with the best builders I’ve seen

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Most of the contraptions section played there before it got taken out.