[Old-Gods] Luxroz Roleplay - Your fate is in your hands



[release]*** What is Luxroz Roleplay?**
Luxroz Roleplay is a new type of roleplay server that starts off with no real storyline.
It starts off with no major factions, a rather basic script and a basic map.
The goal of Luxroz is to let the players develop their own story, their own factions etc in-game and in-character.[/release]
[release]*** How does it work?**
As stated earlier, it is up to the players to develop the story and such, and whatever happens on the server will either have a smaller impact on the story or a larger one. There will be events to drive the story forward, but these events will be player driven.
It could turn into anything, and the style of RP could change drastically.[/release]
[release]*** Is Luxroz a community?**
Luxroz is not its own community. It’s simply a server powered by Old-Gods, a multi-gaming community.[/release]
[release]*** What does Luxroz mean?**
Luxroz doesn’t have any significant meaning, it’s simply meant to be an original name for the server.[/release]
[release]*** What makes you any different from the rest?**
We are different from all other generic RP servers on GMod, due to the fact that our RP style can change drastically due to events on the server, and due to that we actually let our players create their own unique story and factions.
Rather than calling ourselves serious, and saying that we’re the best RP server out there, we simply let the player experience it himself. It’s up to you to make an opinion about our server, and to decide whether you think we’re serious or not. We focus on actual character and story development, and we manage to spice up the roleplay a bit, rather than having the player wander around in a city talking to people every now and then.
Your fate is in your hands.[/release]
[release]*** Is there a server up for it yet?**
We are currently getting a server worked out, but once the server is up there will be a starting event called: “The dawn of a new day” (WIP name). This event will be entirely player driven, and it will have a major impact on the style of the RP. The players will start off in a basic flat map (something like gm_flatgrass or gm_desertwalls) and they will have to scavenge for materials, and help each other to build up a small society.
Once the event is over, we will skip forward in time a bit, and based on what the players built and so forth, there will be a map change.[/release]
[release]*** Can I give you any suggestions?**
Of course! Since this is a player driven project, and a WIP, all constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to suggest everything from maps to how to improve the roleplay experience for our players.[/release]
[release]*** Where can I find your website/forums?**
You can find the Old-Gods website by clicking HERE, or you can find the Old-Gods forums by clicking HERE[/release][/release]

What gamemode will this be using?

Later down the line we hope to use a custom gamemode made from scratch, but for now we’re probably gonna go with an edited version of Chewgum’s CGRP gamemode.
And with edited I don’t just mean that we’ve changed some names around, but we’ve actually added some of our own features to it.

Shitty made gamemode :stuck_out_tongue:

this will probably be fun, if you don’t run it at the current RP style as every other rp server in gmod

This actually sounds pretty interesting. If you get a good playerbase going, it could be a fuckload of fun.

I’d love to join! :smiley: Add me on steam - Takkuull.
Also, if you need help administrating i can help, i’ve been Superadmin + Admin on quite a few (about 4) other RP servers - i’m good at rp too! :smiley:
In total of the 400-ish hours i’ve played gmod - about 320 hours are of RP :slight_smile:

I have a total of 1050 hour , and i play like 600 Hour on roleplay !!

But the forum its bugged you need to fix all the icon !

Why did you rate this post dumb?

Anyway, what do you mean by bugged icons?

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Well, you could probably get on and give it a try once we’ve got the server set up for it.

I rated it dumb because, in my opinion it does sound “Dumb”.

Good to know, except I asked R@Rdeathmatch.
Unless the two of you are the same person and you logged onto a second account just to rate the post dumb twice.

Two threads. Any content such as screen shots or videos of the gamemode.

This thread was planned before the other thread you speak of. The other thread was started by Soret, the owner of the Old-Gods HL2RP server. Soret’s community (known as Digital Entertainment RolePlay… DERP) merged with Old-Gods and made their HL2RP server a part of Old-Gods, but Soret still has full control over it. It is in a way entirely different from Luxroz, and I wasn’t even aware of that his thread even existed at the time I posted this.

Sorry if it seems a bit confusing. And to answer your question: I’ll post some pics once the server is up.

My problem with this is there’s absolutely no foundation. I like the idea of letting people develop it, but for them to have nothing to build upon seems like, for lack of a better way of saying it, a lack of creativity. I don’t mean to say you haven’t put work into this, but a setting would be nice. What level of technology do they have? Where is this? What’s the area like? These all spring to mind.

Then there’s the actual idea of the people leading the factions, this is the internet, so everyone’s going to be Cpt. Douchenstein, trying to make the biggest baddest faction with the most guns with the pure intent of blowing the others off the map. And people will most likely follow that idea. And what if one faction tries to do something that you didn’t have in mind, like, invent magic or something. I like the idea of a blank pallet, but you might want to paint something on there before everyone else steps in.

It’s an interesting concept, but I just think it could be refined a bit.

I thik abve poster wants to kno wat the environment is

Looks like a grand Idea, can’t wait to see this unfold.

I’ll be able to provide a server, 40 slots now that I know your idea.

The server is being provided by me, thanks for the offer though.

lemme see yo paynis lappy.

this sounds like if you join at a later time it’ll be really gay

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still a good idea imo

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