Old-Gods Serious Half Life 2 Roleplay

-I’ve been told to delete this thread because of some problems within the community. But really IDC as it’s not my idea, not my problem. If an admin could delete this thread that’d be cool.-

-snip- working out something else

thread can be closed, we will work out a better one

All that was there was text and text…
More pics please.

At least its explained better than all of those other server adverts.

It does explain it rather well, but I do agree that it should be structured a bit better. Look more appealing.

I stopped reading when i saw the wall of text

Well, I updated it, just read it, oh and don’t mind my typhos please! :slight_smile:

I’m too lazy to read a huge block of text that is in no way entertaining, I’m sure i’m speaking for many other people as well. Add pictures, cool text, tags, something.

I always wonder what happened to Lappy he seemed to drop off the grid.

he js quit gmd code i tink

Guys I don’t think you realize what this thread is about. It’s not to entertain you at all, it’s to simply give you information about our server. If you’re too lazy to read it then why would we want you to join a server and gamemode where you need to read a lot and have a lot of patience which is a quality you need when having to read large things of text. If you want entertainment you join the server. Like I said… This thread is not for your entertainment.

Lol, this is a advertisement? Should add more pictures or some “Text colors” to make it more eye appealing. I’m pretty sure about 60% of the people who saw this advertisement didn’t even care to read about the server because of the wall of text.

Weeve, with all due respect, an advertisement needs to be appealing in order for people to go for it.
If a company just submitted an unappealing wall of big black text into the newspaper about their product, people wouldn’t care for it, but if they instead made the ad look more appealing in terms of colors, pictures etc people would at least pay more attention to it.
A server ad is meant to look descriptive and yet appealing to your average internet user.

Not trolling here, but in the past, it always seems soret and his followers do stupid things, and the way soret runs things( Leading the CCA and Rebel? wtf? ). I personally think this server is gonna suck.

Your gamemode is a nexus rip :confused:

You guys like switching names dont’cha?

Actually, this is a totally new community. :slight_smile:

See’s wall of text
“Fuck this”
Basically my reaction and everyone else’s

Yesterday we had a guy who were really interested in this, and he wanted to start up a drug cartel, but not sure how he planned it with such playerbase at the moment.

A drug cartel? In Half-life 2? Er…

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Can this thread be closed or something? It seems kind of pointless having it here when there server is locked 24/7 and they aren’t giving out a password and nobody can play.

There some nice eye candy added.