Old Iron Horse Factory

Testing the phong on the soldiers and the new Tiger § model.

I really love old factory maps. Too bad they are quite rare.

Title - McTbone


Excellent, that’s all I can really say.

And what’s the map?

I came expecting horses.

I am greatly disappointed.

What time period is this supposed to be? If it’s between WWII and Cold War era then the yellow plastic milk crate there isn’t terribly historically accurate. Wooden would’ve fit a little better, as consumer plastics weren’t very common at all until a good bit after World War II.

Of all the things to whine about I picked that. Yes I’m petty. That aside, I love it.

I was thinking of that giant horse sgtaue from Half life two for some reason when I saw this tile ^^;

Excellent work though!

It’s a HL:DM map

I love you’re tanks beat the zombie