Old Man Stan - Ep 1 - Rust, New Friends

Hello Face Punch Rust community, I hope you can take the time to watch my comedy video of my meeting with two other survivors, one very kind survivor and the other well… You decide haha. If you like the vid watch it in full but I understand I’ve made it like a bloody feature length movie :-s so just skip around if you like :-).
Thanks for your time guys.

Edit: Sorry, I was hoping to embed this video but it doesn’t seem to work, I’ll look it up.

Looking forward to episode 2!

To people checking it out: keep watching, watch the whole thing. At first I thought, well, this voice/character is not that interesting. And it’s true, the voice is not the main thing, the ‘emergent gameplay’ is, which is something the developers of the game really like and try to give lots of possibilities for. In this case there is a nice story with a player called Saeed :).

Props for staying in character that long, I would have dropped the act after a few minutes, just leaving or laughing my ass off :).

Thank you very much for your kind words, quite possibly the nicest thing anyone as said about any of my video’s (I think hehe), good of you.