Old map, old models.

So i recently found some old things for Garry’s Mod wich are (in my opinion) really good. I just downloaded them and gave it a try, this is what i just did.

I recomend to open it on a new tab due Facepunch puts the image really big and there are certain things that i might want to avoid but i can’t because my computer can’t handle every video aspect from Source (Well, just the AA, i can’t put it because the FPS would drop really bad and i wouldn’t be even able to play…).


Any constructive critic is welcome. Oh yeah, sorry for bad english, my native language is Spanish :I

The first one’s alright, but it’s pretty empty.

In the second one the focus seems…off. The guy in closest to the camera is out of focus, but the two guys in the back, as is the left wall, and not the wall on the right.

The posing on the right two guys is good, but the guy holding the machineg un looks a bit stiff and isn’t fingerposed well. The background is empty, as well.

The biggest problem is by far the focus, though.

The guy did followed the Rule of Third.


But yeah, this isn’t photography, following the rule of third isn’t enough. This is GMOD. The GMOD rule of third calls for us to fill the screenshot with stuff along the imaginary rule of third lines to entertain and wow us all us borderline ADHD patients.

Yeah, the depth of field of the second pic is quite weird. The screenshot maybe better if you didn’t use dof at all. Also, when were the COD: Ghosts Federation troops released?

Russian site, the only problem is that the finger posing is really limited, and there’s no Face-Eye posing due those are ports to CS:S…

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Mh, i still have the one without focus, i thought it was a good idea to take a screenshot without it, i didn’t uploaded that due the amount of graphical errors that it has, i mean, it doesn’t has AA so it looks really bad… I’ll see if i can work on the rest.

Both seem fine but in the second one it looks like the middle guy wants to shoot the running guy’s butt XD