Old photo

I actually really like it.

It’s a tad too blurry but hey, it’s an old photo.

Awesome job, posing and editing both look great.

i’m not fond of the border. doesn’t look like an old photo at all, the border doesn’t, but the fade, sepia and blur fits in very nicely.

Would’ve been a lot better without the spy

The border is way too opaque, but the other effects you used worked pretty well

Colors are too bright to have that “old” feel.

The disguised spy in the background always everywhere whenever a casual tf2 pic is made. is getting OLD!!!

Other then that, the edit is okay, altho perhaps a tad too much color, and I don’t like the whole white shit covering the edges.

if you absolutely must do a disguised spy, think about whether someone would see through it or not - do you really think the blu team would pose for a red photographer? no? then make him an actual engie, but leave some subtle sign - a pack of smokes, a half-concealed butterfly knife, something like that.

That is a very good point.
Ah the good old days with concealed knives and cigarettes on classes whom have neither, subtle and awesome.

I’d agree but I kind of like the idea of the camera exposing the Spy because of the lens or flash or whatnot.