Old player, New Tricks

I’m going to keep it short and simple. Haven’t been on gmod in forever. Can someone advise me on what essential mods I would need to simply build contraptions.

A few good mods are: (not really going to link them because I’m lazy)
Smart Constraint
Easy Precision

If you want a few more models to work with, there’s PHX3. Actually, a lot of servers use that. The thing is, it’s not as easy to get as downloading it from garrysmod.org.

And if you have a computer programmer’s mind, you could get Wiremod. But that’s not exactly building simple contraptions.

If you are going to go multiplayer though, you’re going to want PHX3 and Wiremod so you won’t see errors. Otherwise, you can do without them.

wiremod is really hard to understand i suggest just not getting wiremmod to compicated and buildings can be ugly its easier to build things maunaly because it wont be as ugly as piss and it will get better shots

Wiremod is shit to understand, Expression2 is much more easier to write with.

Smartsnap and stacker are great

Thanks for all the reply guys. Yeah I’ve used the first versions of wire mod couple years back and although I grasped that concept, I’ve completely forgot how to use it. PHX3 huh? I remember using PHX2 lol. Once again thank you guys.

P.S. On a side note what happened to all the grammar Nazi rules???

People cried too much about being banned, and it got lifted. I want it back. It’ll stop the waves of retards.

AND will increase the amount of people on gmod servers asking how the hell to fix those problems!.. well the once that can launch the game, that is :stuck_out_tongue:

This guy has no idea what he is talking about, you can build stuff with Wire and make it look just as good as a vanilla contraption.

Yeah! Thats even why some people make a box and put all the wire stuff IN the box!

Get wire because a shitload of servers use it.

Get PHX because a shitload of servers use it.

In Order:
Unbreakable: The Magnet tool makes props unbreakable. Already in Gmod.
Buoyancy: Physical Properties tool, selecting the wood option makes all props float. Already in Gmod.
Smart constraint is a terrible stool that creates unnecessary welds for laggy props. All you need to do is weld all props to a heavy base and then weld adjacent props and you’re fine.
Stacker and Easy Precision are both good tools.

Expression 2 mod

Expression 2 is included in Wire just so you know, if you got it as a separate mod you are doing something wrong.

Some of us don’t want a magnet. We want a physics prop.

And what about STools that expect physics props? Magnet tool’d shit won’t work then.

Buoyancy Tool can set the percentage of buoyantness (so that’s not a word, big whoop).

As well as the Wire Buoyancy Tool, which allows you to change buoyancy on the fly (submarines)

Fix’d. I’ve had no lag with Smart Constraint.