Old Poison Mod

[release]This is just my old poison mod, Poison headcrabs, zombies and antlion workers will poison you, Giving you damage overtime instead of just giving you 1 hp.


1 Entity that places gas in the entitys spawn area, Forbiding people to go into that area without being poisoned, The entitys poison lasts about 1.25X longer than npc poison.


Poison_Effect 0 or 1
This disables the green overlay if 0


Poison_Enabled 0 or 1
Set to 0 and this should stop poison taking effect on players from NPCS
Poison_Sound 0 or 1
Set to 0 and this should stop players coughing while poisoned

Please take note that this is just an old addon i dont think i ever got around to releasing.

Sounds cool

Good job * man *

Looks pretty sweet, also, that HL:S shotgun you have in the pic, Are you making a Zoeys HL:S Swep pack?
That would be sweet =D

Not at the moment no.

But seriously nice work! Hope to see more releases!


To be honest at this very moment im browsing my redundent addons folder for stuff i can release.

Good job* trap *

Only 104 posts in 5 years? WTF im gettin close to half that in a few months

It’s called lurking.

Pretty cool. :haw: