Old Posts Added

The account you linked says “Joined August 22, 2008” but your actual account says “Joined December 16, 2006”.
I wonder if you can keep the join date but merge only the posts.

Yeah. It’s mainly the posts I want.

How can i find my old account? I can’t seem to even find the legacy version filtering through users. I believe i logged in with my twitter account, which uses the email jamdoggie99@gmail.com, the username should have been something of the effect of jamdoggie

Only posts made on surviving boards (aka the Gmod and Rust boards) are recoveded.
Maybe the automated system only made accounts if it found posts.

I mean I posted a decent amount on the gmod section :thinking:

I’ve really looked everywhere but I can’t find you

Would appreciate a merge if that’s a thing,

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i promise it’s really me

i didn’t even know the old forum went down until now lol i thought i would still be banned…even after making that cake for craptasket

Why would you admit to that?

EDIT: The account has been merged and you’re not banned, guess you got away with it you rascal.

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He is living on the run, feeling the thrill

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Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello garry it is me again, asking for a merge

do I need to keep my old name? I chose this cause I didn’t wanna overwrite anything