Old Radtown

Wondering when the Old Radtown building comes back? like there was use to be a building, but one patch it went away. Picture http://puu.sh/5CSMG.jpg <—

In the past month I’ve been playing its always been that open field with tanks. Was there buildings at one point? If so, anyone got a SS? Not that I’m an unbeliever I just want to see what I’ve missed :smiley:

IMO the town which was there, was the best one… sad it’s gone now

Very cool, wish I had been able to see it.

on some older overhead maps you can still see its layout, it looked to have multiple hangars right next to each-other and be the largest of the towns.

this map for instance shows it fairly well http://playrustwiki.com/images/7/7b/RustMap.jpg

i remember those buildings, helk said they randomly disapeared one day. i always got confused when people said “i’m at hangar” when there were three of 'em.

It used to be double hangars but then it turned into a rad field

Aww that looked like the biggest rad town. Too bad I wasn’t playing to experience it. Looks cool though!