Old Remover Effect

Back in Pre-Gmod10 days, Garrysmod had the combine ball remover effect. I liked that better, since it had style. It let your prop float off into the distance. Anyways, it was awesome just to spawn props and remove them when your were bored. Is there a way to get it back or is this newer post -gmod10 effect hard coded in? I’ve just gotten tired of seeing sparks fly, dissolving seems more appropriate than what is now there (and easier on your PC).

What’s cooler to you?
#Dissolver effect

I vote for Dissolving effect.

Maybe sparks and dissolving could solve this dilema?


The new remover is lua coded, So no it isn’t hard coded. If you could figure it out you can do it.

Of course it was a problem because ragdolls and such would spazz out for a split second before being removed, damaging things nearby, Also it was processor heavy, server side and didn’t work on larger objects.

How about a new remover effect. When you remove something it plays a thunder sound and a lightning strike destroys said prop in a hellfire of awesomeness?

fuck yea!

Effects should be clientside, server just deletes entity.

It is really easy to reimplement this sort of effect.

To solve the ragdoll issue, wouldn’t you just have to code in a nocollide all script? I thought in GMOD9 it didn’t present this as an issue at all.


I’d do this myself, but I have no lua skill whatsoever. I wish I did.

This is somthing I’d like to see to.

It would rock, I’d love to see it implemented!