Old rust website

Hello guy’s :smile:
I’m having trouble logging into the old rust website old.playrust.com
When I made my account it was when rust was in the very early stages. So I made my account a few days before the alpha access was initially removed.
I later heard that all of the alpha testers/what version it was at the time would get access to it on steam later or what platform it would be on later.
So I figured I would log on and see but the problem is that I’ve tried every possible email and password I could have including trying the "forgot my password section.
Back then you might not even have needed a email to register?

Thanks for your help.

There was a massive account wipe a few months ago of inactive accounts. Chances are,that your account got wiped.

Sounds wierd as I recall playing the game not so long ago.
Well guess it got wiped. There isn’t any way for me to get my account back is there?