Old Rust Zombie Model

Where did Garry get the zombie model that was used when zombies were in the game? It doesn’t look like a model Facepunch created.


It is literally a stock asset from the Unity Store.

You can find it in other games.

Oh wow, didn’t think they got assets from there

It was just a placeholder, so why not?

By the time almost anyone outside of Facepunch heard about Rust, it wasn’t planned to be a zombie game anymore. The zombies were just placeholders to test combat with. Almost everything that was in Rust at the time it hit Steam was a placeholder asset from the Unity Store, and this is okay because it was for prototyping and testing reasons. Zombies were still in Rust at the time it hit Steam because the devs procrastinated at removing them and coming up with a replacement. They took them out when they did because they had to, as too many people were buying Rust under the wrong idea (that it was a zombie survival game) even though nothing on the Steam Store page for Rust mentions or shows zombies.

The placeholder models for everything are being replaced (most already have) with custom models built by the devs.

The old zombie models looked like clowns, hopefully they won’t add dinasours or robots to replace them or I will be disappointed. I’d rather play with random clowns running around the field that some dumbass machines with guns that have taken over the world.

it would be nice, if someone could bring em back into the legacy version.

B-But… I li-like the Caretakers idea…