Old school gamer - my thoughts on Rust

Greetings fellow Rust players.

I’m what you’d call an ‘old school’ gamer and I’m perhaps a little longer in the tooth than most people here at 40 years of age.

I don’t play games much these days but I took a punt on Rust because it looked interesting… and if I’m honest, it looked like a good substitute for DayZ for Mac users like me. Plus it’s being developed by a UK company. Rule Britania! Etc… :wink:

So firstly, it’s a great game. It’s easy to see the potential and what’s there already is very playable. Sure, it needs a lot of polish and I’m guessing it’s probably at least a year away from being anywhere near finished (?), but so far so very good. Whether the community has the patience to stick with it remains to be seen - I wonder that about all ‘early access’ titles - but it seems to be a great game in the making

Secondly, here are a few suggestions based on my experience of Rust so far…

  1. BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL. What I love about Rust is the constant feeling of vulnerability - especially when offline! Is my guy ok? Or has my shelter been breeched and his head staved in by someone wielding a rock?? This is a great game mechanic with lots of potential. For example: how about the game emailing me on the ‘real world’ when my door strength drops to say 50%? (alerting me that I’m under attack). Sure I may be sat on the can at work and unable to do anything about it. But heh. It would add to the tension.

  2. HOME DEE-FENCE. I want a guard dog to keep in my shack, which attacks anyone who busts down the door. A regular wolf would do. Or a trap of some kind. Just something that adds risk to the process of raiding.

  3. THIS COW IS FAR AWAY. I want binoculars, because I often want to scope out areas for resources and possible threats before wandering aimlessly across them. A compass would also be a nice tool for aiding navigation (but I don’t want a map - I like the fact that I can get lost).

  4. CANNIBALS! Forget zombies, dinosaurs, aliens, mutant military and mysterious dark shadows (no offence!). The NPCs should be cannibals. I say this because Rust reminds me of the book ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy - if you haven’t read it, do (or watch the film). Nothing more terrifying banging on your door after dark than a fellow human who wants to eat you. Hell, why not even allow players to ‘farm’ meat from corpses if they’re desperate or just plain despicable enough… possibly with the risk of losing their humanity and becoming a man-eating NPC.

On that note, it’s late and I’ve got the munchies.

See you out there!