Old School Gamers | 01-17-14 | New Server | Chicago | PVP | Door Sharing | Kits | No Immature Kids

Are you and your friends looking for a fresh start on a new server? Look no further, Old School Gamers [OSG] is looking for more quality players to join our growing community!
We have just reset the server, so now is a great time to join up with your friends and hit the ground running. :slight_smile:

About our server:
-We have fair and active admins who will never abuse their powers.
-We have zero tolerance for hackers and anyone who is found to be cheating in any way will be dealt with swiftly.
-We are located in Chicago so if your group is spread out across the country, it will be a good middle ground for everyone.
-All kinds of gameplay are encouraged, both new and old players are welcome! It does not matter whether you like to streak around the open fields with your hatchet or attempt
to befriend a red zombie - you are guaranteed to have a full Rust experience.
-We will not wipe the server on a whim. We will only do this if a patch requires it or if there is an overwhelming clamor from the population to do so.

Our Features:
-Starter kits (/kit starter and /kit hatchet contain the bare necessities to start out. It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!)
-PVP (You will have the ability to defend yourself and your base from bandits. Or maybe you think killing people is fun, who knows.)
-1/2 Craft (You will be able to craft faster but not instantly. Balance is key.)
-Door Sharing (You can set it so that your friends may share your home. /share PlayerName)
-Sleepers (Your body is not safe. Do not log out in the middle of the road! We believe this is a realistic feature that makes the game more interesting.)
-C4 is rare but obtainable and craftable (Raiding is an integral part of this game. Fortify your base accordingly.)
-Airdrops are currently set to 30+ players online. (Airdrops give random items. The precious component needed to craft c4 is only obtainable from an airdrop.)

tl;dr - Awesome new pvp server, join now and bring your friends!

Any questions or concerns? Add Canele as a friend on Steam and she will gladly answer them.

What are you waiting for? Open Rust, hit f1, copy and paste β€œnet.connect” to your console and join us! Hope to see all your new faces soon. :slight_smile:


im gonna check yall out and see how yall are

checked it, seems like a decent sever