| Old School Gamers [OSG] | NEW US Chicago Server | PVP | Door Sharing | Starter Kits | Wiped 1/25/14 |

Are you and your friends looking for a fresh start on a new server? Look no further, Old School Gamers [OSG] is looking for more quality players to join our growing community!
We have just reset the server, so now is a great time to join up with your friends and hit the ground running. :slight_smile:

About our server:
-We have fair and active admins who will never abuse their powers.
-We have zero tolerance for hackers and anyone who is found to be cheating in any way will be dealt with swiftly.
-We are located in Chicago so if your group is spread out across the country, it will be a good middle ground for everyone.
-All kinds of gameplay are encouraged, both new and old players are welcome! It does not matter whether you like to streak around the open fields with your hatchet or attempt
to befriend a red zombie - you are guaranteed to have a full Rust experience.
-We will not wipe the server on a whim. We will only do this if a patch requires it or if there is an overwhelming clamor from the population to do so.

Our Features:
-Starter kits (/kit starter and /kit hatchet contain the bare necessities to start out. It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!)
-PVP (You will have the ability to defend yourself and your base from bandits. Or maybe you think killing people is fun, who knows.)
-1/2 Craft (You will be able to craft faster but not instantly. Balance is key.)
-Door Sharing (You can set it so that your friends may share your home. /share PlayerName)
-Sleepers (Your body is not safe. Do not log out in the middle of the road! We believe this is a realistic feature that makes the game more interesting.)
-C4 is rare but obtainable and craftable (Raiding is an integral part of this game. Fortify your base accordingly.)
-Airdrops are currently set to 30+ players online. (Airdrops give random items. The precious component needed to craft c4 is only obtainable from an airdrop.)

tl;dr - Awesome new pvp server, join now and bring your friends!

Any questions or concerns? Add Canele as a friend on Steam and she will gladly answer them.

What are you waiting for? Open Rust, hit f1, copy and paste “net.connect” to your console and join us! Hope to see all your new faces soon. :slight_smile:

Im up for it!!

Awesome server :slight_smile:


Great server, one of the only servers where I can say I have seen no admin abuse

Best server ever! :slight_smile: Join up with your friends!

bump :slight_smile:

Bump! :slight_smile:

Great server, great admins, great population.

Bump! :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing on this server for awhile now, and the Admins are very help full if any problem arises from a glitch or a bug in the game. They are always fair, and I have not seen any kind of admin abuse at all. They are tho in hindsight a pvp server, so prepare, shit happens, but they never KOS unless needed.

Come join our server! Averaging on 30+ people recently, time to hop in with your friends! :slight_smile:

(Any questions regarding the server? Add me on Steam! :>)

This server looks nice at first glance, and me and my group of 16 people played on it for a long time, that is until the admins decided they didn’t want to fight us the right way and started teleporting to us over and over again while we were defending a base from their raid. Everytime they died they spawned right in front of us with full kevlar and M4’s. Then denied everything even when the whole server saw the death spam. People who didnt even like our group at all were on our side against the obvious admin abuse. The 16 people in our group were either banned or they left on their own accord. I couldn’t recommend anyone play on this server ever, as admin abuse isn’t fair or right.

This server isn’t fair or right at all. They abuse their admin powers to raid people who kill them. When called out on their blatant abuse of power they change the name of their server when before it advertised no admin abuse. This server should be taken down.

I will say I had a good time on this server, we even managed to build up to the point that the admins thought it was in their own right to abuse their powers and spawn in the explosive charges to come take us out. We raided their base the previous day and forced them back into a secondary base they had created not too far off. They had banned another fellow for raiding their first base and killing them all while they were logged off a couple of days ago. There has been numerous complaints by players of the abuse they have used and until this raid and their teleportation to us with full kev and m4’s we disregarded it. If you want to play on a server with corrupt admins this is the one for you, if you want to play on a server where admins do not interfere with the gameplay look somewhere else. You have been warned.

I play on this server and I will say that the posts above are from a group of kids that spam chat all day and complain/make accusations when they can’t handle a real raid. Their posts lack credibility, providing no evidence to back their claims. One of their accusations was that a player was killed three times and re-spawned with full gear within like 20 seconds (The kill plugin supposedly showed “x” player being killed three times), which to my knowledge isn’t even possible. They were simply out-manned (I guess they didn’t realize how many of us were actually there) and are denying defeat. They also fail to understand that this game is in alpha and that there are bugs; this does not exclude the plugins added onto the server. I was at the raid and I guarantee there was no use of admin or any sort of cheats. Shit, I’m not even an admin on this server… just had to write this up because of the outrageous claims they are making.

On another note… If you guys ever see the “rage” group, get ready to deal with their nuisances. If you’re an admin, ban them before they do whatever they’re doing here to your server!

The person that got killed so many times was you Cha for one. The fact that you spawned right in front of my face with a few others that had just been killed in full kevlar and with M4s is one thing, the fact that you guys then changed the name of the server omitting the NO ADMIN ABUSE is another. Seems pretty fishy that the admins changed the name right after I made the post about admin abuse. Great sportsmanship and wonderful admins on this server pshhh riiiiiiiight. The fact that the admins are taking part of raids spawning in when killed with anything other than a rock is admin abuse. It’s one thing to be an admin its another to be a butt-hurt admin when killed legit you then retaliate by raiding the person or people then banning them when they complain. This wasn’t the first time you guys were called out on the server for abuse of power and it wasn’t the first time you banned someone for calling you out on your crap. Cha you may not be an admin of the server but you took part in a raid that included them and you had some really interesting deaths/spawns. Ban the Rage clan all you want, but all we are is mouthy, you guys are abusive of the power you are given and treat everyone that doesn’t bow down to your clan like crap or you ban them. Way to go Old School Gamers, way to go.

Yes cha, you were part of that, seems abusing people when the game goes against you is the way you guys wish to play it. We added character, built up an alliance, and stormed your front door. You guys were butthurt, brought in people that previously called you out for admin abuse and tried to cover up the fact thats what you guys are doing. We didn’t come to make friends, we came to play, and add something you guys can’t, a challenge. Unlike you, we played the game honest and legit. Enjoy the server, I mean 16 people peak time since we left and after the cheating you did, I will not be at all surprised if no one joins your server.

btw I was banned for talking about your admin abuse after the multiple server restarts and the rename of the server. So yes I guess that was being rude of me, lmao. Another thing, you never raided us, you attacked a forward base, not the main one so no butthurt here, enjoy raiding our main base with everything we had in it thrown out, guess you will admin abuse to break through the walls because playing legit isn’t your style.

I am one of the server admins that was involved in this raid against the RAGE group making claims that admin abuse was involved to raid their base and kill them. As much as I hate to even participate in this thread against a group of people that everyone is glad to see gone, and did nothing but talk down to every player on the server and complain, I need to clear this up for the 20th and final time.

Every one of their claims can be debunked. We had a total of 10+ people involved, 30 C4 that was crafted legitimately, and we placed sleeping bags around their base so in case we die we would spawn right back. There is NO admin/rcon command to spawn with full Kevlar and weapons after a death. Look for yourselves.

We built stairs, pillars, boxes, and barricades to get to the top floor and worked our way down blowing up the doors with c4. Once they realized their base was being raided, they started running to it one by one. Personally I did not kill anyone or die, I was inside the base looting.

RAGE got outplayed, and after all the smack talk they got what they deserved LEGITIMATELY. There have never been any claims against our server for admin abuse in the month that this server has been live other than this group and their bogus claims.

I’d like to address the server restarts and the name change. Multiplay hosting allows you to set the server to auto restart after a certain amount of time. It’s currently set to every 24 hours. New addons do not reflect until after a server restart, which is why it’s set this way and also due to lag issues that we’ve been having. It just so happens that during the massive amounts of spam by the RAGE group that were raging, the server restarted. It was just a coincidence and had nothing to do with clearing logs or any other nonsense this group think we did. The server is backed up every day, and logs are recorded, it doesn’t matter whether the server restarts or not, everything is saved and a log has to be requested from the server provider. The name change was changed because FPSbooster was added earlier in the day, and it wouldn’t fit on the title of the server. The admins did not think NOAdminAbuse needed to be advertised anymore, since we never had any issues until false claims made by a group that did nothing but pollute the server. Once again, this was just a timing issue and a coincidence that the server restarted at that time and the changed were made.

Logs have been requested from the provider, and once RAGE reviews them and sees that there wasn’t any misconduct on the admin side, a public apology would be greatly appreciated. Have a fantastic rest of your day.