Old School Servers

As a player who played during the summer i loved it back then now its getting worse and worse who else misses the take all button bigger inventories no pipe shotguns and spawn with a hatchet/small medkit:D

So the game is still in alpha and has only been out for a few months, now we’re talking old school. o ok

how is the game getting worse and worse lol although I do agree there should be an ability to be able to play the game 1 update behind the current update. In case of the current update being game breaking.

how is having more things to craft “getting worse and worse”? its called progress and for me its in a positive way! :wink:

Isn’t that what the DEv Branch s for?

Well yeah but not really. dev branch is usually buggy and not everyone uses it so it’s generally a bit untested and thus when it’s released it can be game breaking until the next update. So maybe there should be a manual way to revert a single update.

I find it slightly funny how the new members(September-November) are actually having a say on how the very early Rust was at the time when they’ve never played the same game that I remember playing back in July and the hype of guys asking for beta keys… Rust was alot more fun and had alot less hackers and OP bases.

Played since Summer, and you only made a FacePunch account now?