Old SNPC help

I am currently trying to fix up an old SNPC from GMod 12, and most things are now working except the AI schedule. When I spawn the SNPC, it doesn’t move at all and it spams the console with the same error over and over again. These are the errors that are displayed by the console:

[ERROR] lua/includes/modules/ai_task.lua:91: bad argument #1 to ‘StartEngineTask’ (number expected, got nil)

  1. StartEngineTask - [C]:-1
  2. Start - lua/includes/modules/ai_task.lua:91
    3. StartTask - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_ai/schedules.lua:137
    4. SetTask - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_ai/schedules.lua:104
    5. NextTask - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_ai/schedules.lua:127
    6. DoSchedule - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_ai/schedules.lua:75
    7. unknown - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_ai/schedules.lua:22

[ERROR] lua/includes/modules/ai_task.lua:117: bad argument #1 to ‘RunEngineTask’ (number expected, got nil)

  1. RunEngineTask - [C]:-1
  2. Run - lua/includes/modules/ai_task.lua:117
    3. RunTask - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_ai/schedules.lua:148
    4. DoSchedule - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_ai/schedules.lua:71
    5. unknown - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_ai/schedules.lua:22

The first error only displays once, while the second one is repeated over and over again until the SNPC is either removed or killed. Here is the schedule that making the errors:

 local schdChase = ai_schedule.New( "AIFighter Chase" )
 	schdChase:AddTask( "FindEnemy", 		{ Class = "player", Radius = 21000 } ) 
 	schdChase:EngTask( "TASK_GET_PATH_TO_ENEMY", 	0 ) 
 	schdChase:EngTask( "TASK_RUN_PATH", 				0 ) 
 	schdChase:EngTask( "TASK_WAIT_FOR_MOVEMENT", 	0 ) 

Anyone that can help with this?

Schedules are broken and shit.
None of the schedules in engine tasks return the number that they should be… In fact they pass nothing at all
I think somebody fucked up

So it’s not fixable? Ah well. The other things I fixed are now pointless :frowning: