Old Sony Walkman models

Hi guys!

I remember that some years ago someone managed to rip the Walkman model from Metal Gear Solid 5, including the player and two tapes, but yesterday I noticed that the addon no longer exists in the Workshop for unknown reasons…
So, since I made a nice pack of old cassette tapes and since today my ass is too heavy for modelling, I was wondering if someone could make some Walkman models like those:

Walkman WM-10: Notice that when the tape is inside, the lower part slides down a little bit.

Walkman WM-D6C

Not really a walkman, but there’s this: https://garrysmods.org/download/11406/saw-tape-recorder-tape

I already saw that model but that’s a microcassette player, and it’s way smaller than a Walkman.

I knew I’d seen one of these on the workshop, just found it again, here it is:


And here’s a seperate cassete tape model just in case you need one:


Already tested them and they are more suitable for TF2 characters. Anyway, I think I’m gonna release the cassettes pack in these days, maybe I could make a player in the future.

take a look https://www.artstation.com/artwork/O33X8

There’s also an actual, branded Walkman in the MGSV pack Fredrika released. If I can’t find the link I’ll just PM you a link to that model.

Uploaded Fredrika’s MGSV props, the walkman should be in there along with the cassette tapes and other props.

They looks good!

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Here it is, thank you so much!!
Anyway, do you know why he removed this pack from the Workshop? Just asking.

I don’t remember it ever being on the workshop to be honest. I recall Fredrika uploading them onto FP under the MGSV Thread.

I cleaned out my old stuff since I didnt think they where that good anymore