old System.dll .net

Hey, i need use method string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace, but System.dll is old and my dll not compiled. My dll use EntityFramework and ctor in context use this method. I want to use Entity, can i fix it? Replace dll is not help.

This probably isn’t the right place for this thread, and I don’t 100% understand what you’re asking, but it’s possible string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace isn’t supported in the version of Mono that Rust uses. No way around it I’m afraid, you’ll just have to work around it.

Custom 5minute implementation

bool IsNullOrWhiteSpace(string Str) {
    return Str == null || Str.Trim().Length == 0;

cool, now how create DbContext from EntityFramework which use standart method in System library?

You’d probably have a better time if you went to the modding community’s forums instead with that.

Also, I’m not sure if you’re trying to hook things from the CLIENT or SERVER libraries. If you’re trying to mod the client watch out that you don’t get banned for cheating; run the game in insecure mode by launching RustClient.exe directly.

its Server, i developing plugin and need use entity, but i gues server use old version .net librarys