Old Version

Hello, i’m a rust’s player since the beginning and the closed alpha. I just played to rust on steam yesterday and i am disgusted by what i saw. The game completly changed… I speaked with other very old rust’s players and they are all agree, the old version of rust on the web site was 100000x better. The main advantage was the 3 main servers, EU1 , US1 and US2, now there is more than 20000 servers and at least 19800 are empty. The admins are abusing and when you raid or kill some1, he will switch from server so a server’s life is approximately 1 week or 2 for the best. When you go on the officials servers there is always more than 50 people but there is 20 cheaters inside, or when there is no cheaters you have 300 ping. You will agree that you lost a lot of people in your last updates and you replaced your old good players by 10 years old cheating russians kids. And i think that if you made a tool to go in previous rust version you go to get back all you old people and to restore us the jewel which you had made at the beginning. Rust was a very promising game at his release and it became a game of second or third category. Thank you

PS: I hope you will understand this post, i’m french so i don’t speak english very well but i try.

Your English isn’t the problem but what you said was already mentioned 1 million times and you could even use cheat engine on the old rust , it was pathetic ,if you find a good community/modded server then you will have no problem it’s just about researching a bit and the reason wipes happen are not because someones gets raided but because the server gets clogged by buildings so people start getting lower fps + lag . Check the experimental , it’s like a whole new 10 times better game but you have to have patience , it’s in alpha and no good old players got replaced , just bored and waiting for the next update.

You say that the game completely changed and that you liked it more when it was in a browser but then you go on to complain about things that players are doing and not things that the devs actually changed.

They aren’t going back to that. We’re now two iterations ahead of the browser version.

Ah, yes, webplayer Rust. I remember it.

How you had to download the whole game every session.

How you had to use Opera and force GPU acceleration on unless you wanted terrible performance.

How you could speedhack and fly using Cheat Engine, and there was NO anticheat.

Not to mention that the webplayer is a browser plugin that is out of date, only works with older crappier versions of Unity, and is 32bit Windows only. No Linux, no Mac, major limitations to the client.

You don’t want the old webplayer back, you want to turn back time to when Rust wasn’t so popular. It’s too late for that, so the best thing to do is find a whitelisted server run by responsible people. No, I do not know anyone, you’ll have to make friends yourself.

It’s funny how the guys that want this old thing back didn’t even ever play on it nor do they have any info of how it was at least , hipsters these days :v: .