Old Vet Comes Back - My Thoughts

Hi all,

I was a long-time Rust player (clocking in over 350 hours) and stopped roughly after the introduction of the revolver to the game. Ultimately, I decided to take a break and wait for changes.

That said, I logged back in a few days ago and am very impressed. The new graphics are great and there is definitely a lot of headway that has been made (most in the right direction).

I thought it might be useful to share some of the areas I feel need improvement and happy to expand if required:

**Item 1. ** Resource Gathering

It is now incredibly easy to acquire a significant amount of resources. This shaves off the time spent farming and allows for more time to PvP (or whatever else you like to do)
I think this is a step in the right direction, but I caution against reducing the learning curve/time sink too much. Part of the appeal of Rust is the constant threat of attack (by the environment, other players, etc). If this is removed completely, someone can just hole up in their home in relative safety and it removes one of the core aspects of Rust that is so unique.

Verdict: Step in the right direction but needs tweaking.

****Item 2. Inventory Consolidation/Organization

This is probably the most enraging thing I’ve dealt with on the new version so far. The ability to quickly loot, organization, move stacks is incredibly tedious. Not to mention, some items should be stackable, but aren’t (such as meat). I much preferred the earlier version of this.

Verdict: Needs a lot of work.

Item 3. Equipment Slots

I think having a slot for each piece of equipment is a good starting point (as we saw in earlier Rust), but there is room for tweaking even there. Having the 5 slots (or so) at the bottom of the character screen is a step backwards. As a player, I should be able to pile on as much gear as I want (and certainly suffer movement reduction, increased energy consumption, etc). Additionally, it might be worthwhile to have miscellaneous slots, such as a ‘key slot’ as part of your character’s equipment. That said, being constricted to a set amount of slots (and not being able to wear pants because I want a shirt and chest guard) is ridiculous and goes against the survivalist theme.

Verdict: Needs a lot tweaking.

Item 4. Combat Damage

Combat damage really needs to be toned down or changed. The fact that you can be 1-shot with a rock (while wearing full clothing and armor) is ridiculous. The damage system of the earlier version of Rust was much better.

Verdict: Needs tweaking

That’s it for now - I know there are known bugs with sleeping bags, locks, etc, but I thought I’d open up the discussion a little more. Happy to discuss these topics and others.


Its a pretty toxic community here, and I’ll try to do my part…

…you thought you’d open it up to discussion? you do realise that this is the whole point of the forum…right? and we’ve been discussing this for a long time now. But thanks anyways.

There are veterans of a game barely a year old, which has not hit a 1.0 release?

its alot more than a year old

Really? “alot”?

Release Date: Dec 11, 2013

Unless you are talking browser version, then maybe a year earlier?

Don’t really see how you can be a veteran…I mean is this really even the same game as the browser version?

(that was rhetorical, no its not…)

It doesn’t matter when the game started. If someone has played a lot, and is very experienced, then nothing is wrong with saying they are a veteran. Certainly they are a veteran compared to someone who just started.

OP those are good points. I think Experimental is at least 4 weeks away from having a game without major bugs like the ones in it now (ie. is playable and worth playing on, and you can keep your stuff without being griefed or hacked). Right now if you want to play a Rust game that has the features of legacy (can build and keep a base, can do some good PvP) is it disappointing.

I do think FP is doing a good job, just the new version is no where ready at all.