Old vs. New ( A mini comic)

Yup, Short sweet and straight to the point, this comic is. So Here it is.

There ya are. Sorry about page quality, this is the first time I’ve managed to make the comic work on a page.

That layout doesn’t flow and makes no sense. Also the type you chose is too complex for dialogue and harder to read, it’s more of a title font. Good concept though.

Sorry, I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you for the advise, though.

That’s a halo weapon :v:

Boy this piece of shit hurt my eyes.
what the fuck did you do? cut out images and enlarge them? I don’t think you know, that decreases the quality. get a tutorial or something.

A. Ya it is
B. Oh gee, could you have phrased that any ruder? It’s my first time using a page. Constructive critisism might have helped me a lot more than your terminology

yeah, i almost read the comic wrong, its meh, needs a better storyline, but im in no position to comment on posing/quality or anything since when i tried to make comics i wasn’t really good.