Old WWII photograph of American soldiers in fierce combat with Nazi soldiers.


not really
thespike: give me some credits plz

good posing for the most part.
how long did this take?

Nice posing but not that fierce lookin’.

Good posing, could use some better editing and I’m not that big of a fan of the sepia tone but other than that great job.

that’s really good, has the WWII feeling to it!

I like the posing, you went a little heavy on the filters but it looks alright. The DOF is a little strong for my tastes though. 8/10

Are there more Germans behind the American with the BAR on the left? I think I see legs?

The Americans look good but I think the fact that they look so good makes the Germans look kind of shotty…

Much less generic than half the shit here.

Very good.

Remeber kids getting hit by the Browning Automatic Rifle meant one of your limbs are going off.

Stop playing CoD5, Wehrmacht helmets on SS Honor Guards in CoD5, like seriously. I guess they were to lazy to even make SS helmets. Plus only a B.A.R. would rip fingers and hands, not a fucking leg. -.-