Old ZS Release Thread

Back in 2007, the first ZS servers were hosted. I was a member of Chillzone at the time and we had a pretty decent member base and server. I was about 12 or 13 at the time, and played pretty much nonstop because I had nothing better to do. Well, chillzone went down multiple times over the years then finally dropped off the earth around 2009ish then got revived by Dr.Chat and a few older members in…2010-2011? Maybe 2012? I can’t remember. The gamemode reused the old “Chillzone Mod (CZM)” Which was a custom admin module and pretty much controlled all the modded crap. CZM was created for the original gamemode by Gmod4Ever and then revamped into CCGM by Dr.Chat I believe. Well, Chillzone went down again and Chat released “Reborn” to people who wanted it. I kept but the ancient gamemode and the newer one around for quite sometime hoping to find someone to fix it. I had actually hired Remscar to fix some of it, but didn’t realize that not all of it was fixed after I payed him so I just left it. I got tired of trying to fix the broken thing and let it sit in my mediafire for awhile. Now, I’m not 100% sure if Sadistic Slayer would be okay with me “releasing” his old, buggy, unhosted, unsupported gamemode, but I think I remember him telling me awhile back that he didn’t care anymore since Exiled Servers is gone as well. I believe Skatezoc and his rich ass hosted the gamemode for awhile under several different aliases with the help of Leystryku, but it never took off properly. I actually had the completely fixed version of the Exiled ZS for awhile, but forgot to upload it and then my PC crashed. The ZS made by Archemyde was inspired from Chillzone since he was a part coder I think in Chillzone, so that’s his gamemode, which I’m not sure either if he cares that I post it here, but I wouldn’t see why not since he gave up on 2.01 and switched to the new ZS. His gamemode actually incorporates some 3.0 stuff in with 2.01. If you read all of that, then good job. It’s 5:19 AM here currently and I’m not even going to make sure half of that makes sense, but anyways, the links will be below, enjoy…or not…I don’t care either way.

I want to add for extreme clarity, that none of these will run right off the bat. Serious work is needed on all of these to work properly.

The Chillzone Inner Sanctum 1.05/1.1/1.xx ZS (Theres like 4 gamemodes mushed together in that one rar because it was kept really unorganized. One’s from 2007 and the other 2 are the 2008 gamemode):
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x314zlzsv6zmpmq/Ancient_Chillzone_ZS_BROKEN.rar

The Chillzone Reborn 2.01 ZS:
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/seka6uquamu27j7/New_Chillzone_ZS_[BROKEN].zip

Exiled Servers ZS (Lol the ZS where you could kill someone with a tire):
Link: Removed at request of guy who fixed it. (Sorry)

Riotservers ZS (Archemyde’s Gamemode):
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/na6mqdqtnbmatmv/Archemyde’s_ZS_[NEEDS_GMOD_13_Conversion].zip

(Some of these may need content, but it should be easy to get…just find the broken gamemodes on garrysmod.org and copy over the content.)

A quick special thanks to:

The chillzone community. (Commando, ZeroShift, Melon, Etc. You know who you are)
Sadistic Slayer
JetBoom (For ZS, obviously)
Dr.Chat (even knowing you hated me)

Thanks you for making ZS a fun gamemode throughout my years of playing Garry’s Mod. You kept me busy on days that I was too lazy to take my ass outside or make friends. You kept me from doing endless amounts of schoolwork and tons and tons of rage. It was fun until the end and I hope to see everyone who I played with sometime in the future!

Thank you for this, I enjoyed the classic ZS more than the new.

No problem. I hope to see something good come out of this! I was tired of only a few people holding onto the files and not doing anything with them.

You don’t necessarily have to write your obituary for the older Zombie Survival. There still are servers that have come very close to working on these old versions of the gamemode or have actually started reverting back as some people have done for ZS 2.0.

I run a retrofitted ZS server almost identical to the old play style with a very friendly community around it with a bunch of the old player base as before. Weapon and ammo are awarded via points, zombies don’t take an hour to get from place to place, and we’ve always got a creative idea for a new boss zombie or weapon, without shitting up the gamemode. I don’t want to derail the topic or try and advertise, though I understand how crap it felt after those awesome ZS servers went down, so if you’d like you’re more than welcome to check out my community.

Only problem is that playing from Australia isn’t exactly ideal, that’s why I was seeking the gamemode so that I may host a server here in Australia! but I’m joining the server now regardless. Let me know if you ever consider releasing/selling your version!

Ah, I see now. Well, luckily your connection isn’t as bad as my other friends in Australia. Haha, I don’t exactly plan on selling it, but maybe one day we’ll release it when it’s finished.

I was more attempting to explain how I came about getting the gamemodes. My bad. I’ll definitely check out your server some time.

Due to my own nostalgia, I’m going to try once again to fix up that old 2.01 gamemode. I guess I’ll post my progress here for anyone who cares.

Good luck buddy!

Instead of making these shitty edits of literal 6 year old code you should look in to editing the current version.

Or just suggesting changes.

Some people just don’t want to let go of the past

I understand your point, but I honestly dislike almost every new mechanic since 2.01. I hate the idea of “Worth” I liked the 5 kills = new gun. Moreover, I like the damage system better: instead of kills you racked up arcade damage. I wouldn’t call unofficial releases “shitty” just because they weren’t made by you. Someone spent time to make those and people enjoyed playing them as much as they enjoy the official. ZS for me has turned into “Let’s shove 60 survivors into 1 tiny room and see how many rounds it takes for everyone to get rushed and die.” Maybe I don’t like the idea of cading, even knowing it adds realism. I’ve always liked the arcade style of ZS instead of the “Let’s team up and die together.” Currently, the gamemode is near impossible to survive as last human considering a lot of the guns are terrible under powered and bosses make it near impossible to conserve ammo. Also, buying ammo makes it near impossible to rack up tons of points for better guns. Perhaps I just suck at the Worth system? I do however like the perks and how you get to choose your starting weapons! I miss the days when cading was strategically pushing props together to jam them in between a door and a wall so they couldn’t move, or throwing tons of props down a staircase.

However, assists fix the problem of people kill stealing which was a problem, but then again that wasn’t a problem at all with a damage system instead of player frags = new weapons.

Also, taking away ammo regen was in my opinion the worst mistake. Everyone just huddles around a ammo box that only gives you like 2 clips of ammo which is enough for like 2-5 kills depending on the gun. You’ve made the fun, quick-paced ZS style turn into a boring 8 round long cade-a-thon. Where only 1-3 people can actually use the turrets and you can’t even stick nails next to each other anymore. The gamemode is actually fun when you’re outside of the cade running from zombies instead of just waiting for the 3 randomly picked zombies to either 1, find the cade, 2 quit complaining about being zombie, or 3 come back form being afk or going afk. It seems the newer version of ZS focuses too much on UI appeal and balancing vs fun. The only upside I seem to get from ZS are objective maps because you have to run.

I respect you immensely as a coder, so don’t get me wrong, you have created and maintained one of the most played gamemodes now over the years. I’m just stating my opinion that the game has become too boring and slow paced. But hey, I’m just living in the past. Everyone else seems to enjoy the new version, so nothing I say really matters in the end because ZS will go in whatever direction you want to take it. I just hope it keeps getting the attention it deserves. (Saying that, there are definitely more player snow than there were before. So you’re doing something right that everyone else seems to like.)

Points based on damage (assists) has been there for at least 3 years. The ammo box is a supplementary way to get ammo, you’re supposed to get it from the arsenal crate.

That wasn’t what I was getting at. I mean instead of using 6 year old code you could just use the new code and edit it to do whatever. There’s been hundreds of fixes and additions that are usable no matter what.

I have a big update that I’ve been procrastinating on that makes it less about hiding in a room and more like the old mixed with the new. It’s pretty much done except for a bunch of missing round logic.

What I’d like to see with Zombie Survival is more maps that don’t have rooms with only a single entrance point. Like, it’s a lot more fun as a zombie to try and find multiple ways to get in and puts pressure on the humans to cade more carefully. Obviously, this is out of control :v:

I understand it makes the game a lot harder, but I personally enjoy this aspect. It means I have to think for a bit before buying something, like ‘I haven’t got much ammo but I can buy a medkit recharge, which is going to be more use to me and my team?’

Some weapons are designed to be more efficient then others in Zombie Survival, namely the ones that are worth more (they aren’t all perfectly balanced in my opinion but a bit of basic analysis determined that they mostly follow this paradigm). If you achieve a weapon with a decent point cost, you can self sustain yourself with a profit even when you purchase ammo. To get that good weapon, you need acquire some way of getting points that will boost you up to that level, namely picking a specific build from the worth menu at the start of the game.

This what the new ZS tries to escape away from, the lack of team based gameplay in the past. Surviving as the last human under this idea should be hard. I respect that you have a different idea of what you want ZS to be, that’s fine, though. For all intents and purposes however, you’re describing almost a different gamemode now.

Please fix it. anything under 2.1 was wayyyyy more fun then the version now. (at least in my opinion) And i know allot of people that agree on this aswell.

This made me happy reading. I’m looking forward then to the new update. I didn’t expect this big of a response to this post other than a few thanks. I didn’t mean to sound like I absolutely HATE 3.x, I do like the UI a lot; it’s very sexy.

I get your point now on why not just edit the newer versions. I guess I’m just living in the past, but I really do need to move on.

Also, I realized after I posted and said “don’t call edits, shit.” that I completely misunderstood you, but I was too lazy to correct it.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the new update! (I should probably read the forums more often to see for updates, but I stay away from NOX ever since I encountered a few players that harassed me enough to never want to be apart of the server.)

I know who they were, and they’re gone for good.

Keep an eye on the publish queue for upcoming changes, each publish introduces new stuff for the gamemode, if you feel something should be added, post a suggestion in the suggestion box.

Yea. You played on Riotservers every now and then. But omg…I’m pretty sure they made ZS completely not fun for me after their constant trolling and annoyance.