Oldie: Would you like that toasted (tf2)

I still cannot believe that I am still seeing this floating around the web.

It has surpassed my credibility! I have to upload the unedited originals to prove it is mine.

And unfortunately this image main reason why I now watermark my images, and as selfish as that is I cannot break that habit.

Let that be a lesson to you all. Or flame me for being a selfish git.


Non-watermarked version for you beautiful people:

The watermark will just ruin it, and it’s not like they were taking credit for it, were they?

You’d be surprised

I remember you posting this while ago.


I had this as my desktop on my laptop for a while. :smiley:

Too bad it doesn’t fit my current resolution.

I remember this. It was, and still is, sheer win.

Very nice.

now that sandwich will be covered in ash or char or whatever buildup is on the end of that flamethrower and will become inedible

sandwich ruined

I always thought the pyro should be able to toast the sandvich.
Make it give the heavy a little bit more health.

Yes I would like it toasted.