Hello! This map was created by:

dezi94 =OLG=



It contains many construction areas and flatspace throughout the entire map. And a fairly large skybox.

It features:

Great Optimization, Train Tracks (with a train station), 3D skybox, an Underground Construct, Military Base (with missile silos), Huge Construct Buildings, and water areas.

It has also been noded for AI on the ground, but I forgot to add air nodes.

If I get enough downloads I will fix these and more problems I have encountered in the map.

It does require Episode 1 and 2.

I hope you have tons of fun!!!

((Sorry, I’m a little new to facepunch, so I’m not entirely sure how to make evertything… well, shiny and stuff))

We don’t really need more build maps.

Nice job.

It’s pretty good, but MirageKnight is right flat build maps are too many.

Yeah, I guess. But I’m not good at RP maps really lol :smiley:

Then practice.

It’s alright. Not much for RP in particular, and the mountains are repeating like hell.

Would download if I had EP 1 and 2.