I allways see people requesting: RIP SONIC RIP SONIC i am waiting for lucas… is lucario finally ready for release? Im tired of those kind of posts
I just want to ask niceley, can anyone make olimar for gmod? I have a T-posed model but I failed making it a player model and I failed at the textures but I can include a .3ds .dae or .smd with my failed model (it turned out as a prop)
that I’m gonna post on garrysmod.org for download so you can use the model

I just want the textures fixed, but it would be apreciated if its a ragdoll or player but it can be a prop
Hes all UV unwraped for the textures and t-posed

EDIT: download: http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=121917

Almost! i’ve wanted Olimar too, but i dont know how to do any of that rigging stuff so i cant help with the textures…

the file includes the smd and textures in vtf and tga so if you have a 3d modeling program then you could use an smd importer/exporter for editing my model, I used blender with an smd export script. if you want a missing texture olimar prop then use my working fail! but I just want the textures compiled to the model in the right way
and SmashBrosGmod you just need to know how to compile the texture the right way, if you ever would want to fix it

yeah i dont have a 3D software nor would i know how to use it or get the model into it.