Olympus | US - PvP - Sleepers - Pro Admins


**Let’s be honest: you’re not only looking for a server to call home. You’re looking for a community filled with proper people who you will enjoy playing with. That’s what I hope for Olympus to become. A place free of petty arguments in the chatbox, a land without rampant cheating and abusive admins, and most importantly, a little chunk of the internet that you can enjoy yourself in. Generally, I mean for this thread to help funnel people in to give us a shot. If you hate it, you’re free to leave and never come back. If you love us, we hope you stick around, because it would mean the world to us.

**On PvP
It would be unwise to deny PvP in a game that seems to be so focused on it. While we love the idea of cooperation and people building together, sometimes you cannot always achieve harmony. Be it a neighbor that seems to have more than you do (how dare he?!) or a roaming group of bandits (those who kill for fun and drink your tears), there always seems to be a situation that calls for beating your fellow man in the skull with a rock. Thus, we make the decision to leave PvP on for you and your friends to live out whatever sick fantasies you may have.

**On Sleepers
For those who don’t know, “sleepers” being on means that once you log out, your character pulls out a taser, shocks himself, and falls into an electrified stupor until you next log in. During this self-induced coma, it is possible for people to find your corpse and do horrific things to it. Luckily, you needn’t worry about being violated; they’ll probably just kill you and take your stuff. We’ve left the sleepers option on because we believe in consequence. Please remember to log out in a safe area, 'ere the yetis get hungry.

**On Pro Admins
To keep it short and sweet: the group responsible for this server has been running game servers for numerous years now. We’ve seen it all, and we pride ourselves on being experts in handling any situation.

**The Specifics
I’ve always felt that a good topic leaves a great first impression. I’m not sure if you’re getting that vibe from me, but I certainly feel something between us. If you’re interested in giving us a try, the IP address and name of the server will follow. There may not be anyone on at the time, but hey: that gives you a head start. Plus, we all have to start somewhere! Let’s build ourselves a community worthy of the Greek Gods themselves. Not the Titans though. Those guys are dicks. Oh, wait! One more thing: people like to know the airdrop threshold. I’m pleased to tell you that the rumble of overhead aircraft can be heard with a minimum of three people online.

Server Name: Olympus | US - PvP - Sleepers
**IP Address: ** (to easily join, open your console with F1 and enter **net.connect **–you will then be able to join through the History tab)
**Website: ** http://olympus-rust.net (we recommend registering here to heighten that glorious community feeling)
**Teamspeak: **​Also coming very soon. Really.

This server has been running very well, I’ve had no problems with lag. The admins are helpful, and best of all the map is new.

Joined this server today. The admin is a pretty cool guy. I lag on every server so there’s not much I can say about that.

Our IP has changed as we moved to a new node. This is reflected in the initial post. We had an amazing opening day. Not a lot of people, of course, but we played for a solid eight hours having a blast. I highly recommend you all give us a try. No lag (as per usual) and a mostly empty world for you and your friends to build in.

Server is back up after some Steam-related downtime.

Server still going strong; come join a growing community!