Om nom nom zombie eating dead survivors.

Gotta get back on the track.
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C&C please

Pretty creepy.

Shouldn’t have made the eyes green. They don’t match the color of the scene.

I think the eyes are pretty hawt

They looked so expressionless so I decided to make them. Any other color suggestions?
Thanks for commenting.

Green fits fine, nice picture.

Thanks GoldenBullet

Creepy as fuck.

i only know one person that wouldn’t freak out just by the thought of it and that’s not me

Exactly what I was going for.
Thanks for commenting Zerafixy.

More red would have worked.

They’re not survivors if they’re dead, now are they?

a corpse cant be a survivor :frowning:

Repeating what Uberslug just said to ‘kiss ass’ for the win.

Thanks will defenitely try.

I hate logic.

shut up, im not kissing any ass
btw the rotten corpse is way too creepy :saddowns:

Believe it or not, I was once like you, way down in the food chain. I know asskissing when I see it.

you are not seeing anything, this is a forum, you’re just looking at pictures and comments…
btw “picture comment time” please???

He may be still alive