Om nom nom (Zombie eating dinner).

My best picture yet.
Made on gm_bigcity and edited with gimp.
C&C plzthxbye.

use ent_Fire !picker setbodygroup when posing infected, it gives them diff looks, makes more differense int ehm

Blem, its fine

What do you mean?
So they get a different face or what?

clothing, hairstles, faces

yeah, just gives some difference in them

But you dont need the console just pick another skin from the spawnlist O_o
Btw did anybody got another comment?

You do for body groups.

Yeah I realized.
Thx for giving me that advice.

and missing body parts…some numbers gives u beheaded zombies for example

i don’t really see anything remarkable.

it’s a good picture though.

Thank you GoldenGnome!

Yeah I already tested it.
Works perfect, really cool.