=OM= Octarine Moon, Trouble in Terrorist Town.



Octarine Moon is a gaming community founded by the three Super Admins (and Lawton) in October of this year, but has only recently taken on it’s true shape and form as a TTT Server. We’re a friendly community with a dedicated group of regulars who are mainly from the UK, but we have several regular patrons who are from all over the world. We’re still quite a small community, so we need you to help us grow!

The regulars are normally active between 5-8pm in the evenings, if we see that someone is on the server then it’s likely we’ll all pile in!

We’re trying to keep the server as pure as possible at the moment after having bad experiences modding the hell out of it, we decided keeping it close to Vanilla would be the best option (and most patrons who were online at the time thought so too.)


Are you accepting Admins?
This is conditional, right now we have more than enough admins to cover our current player base so admins from our timezone (GMT) don’t have much of a shot until the community grows. However, if you are from a different time zone to us and are able to bring in people at times we are not active then we may seriously consider you.
Do you have a website/forum?
Yes! http//www.octarinemoon.co.uk / http//www.octarinemoon.co.uk/forum
Are the Admins active?
Yes, the majority of the admins play at least a few hours a night. Normally if the server gets populated by itself one of the admins will come and see how everyone is doing, and more of the regulars may follow in his wake.
Do you offer donation bonuses?
Yes, if you donate at least £2.50/€3/$4 you will be given a unique Purple name, unlimited Punch-O-Metre, the ability to explode, rocket and ignite yourself and our eternal love.
I’ve been banned, what should I do?
If you feel you’ve been unjustly banned then feel free to dispute it on our forums.
Do you have any mods at all?
The only custom item we have is the Poison Dart Gun.


[li] No RDM, if you cannot explain killing an innocent you get one warning (slay) then a temporary ban. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned.[/li][li] No Spam, mic or otherwise. If your voice/mic is disruptive or you are being disruptive on purpose we will gag you, if you abuse the one second delay once you are gagged you will be perma banned.[/li][li] No Abuse or flaming, Racism is an instant permaban. No exceptions.[/li][li] We’re here to have fun, so keep a light hearted attitude! Remember, it’s a game.[/li][li] Lawton27 is probably the traitor.[/li][/ul]


Super Admin, General Server Manager.
Super Admin, Admin Abuser.
Super Admin, Coder.
Captain British
Admin, Terrible Mapper.
Admin, Community Manager.
Orange Monkey


Unfortunately I don’t have many, but if you take one that you find funny/interesting feel free to send them to me!



Lol, “Donate for free cookies”
There not free if you donated for them, lol.

Also, register a domain name, the free .co.uk domain name is ugly.

.co.UK is not free…

You supplied us with enough information and on top of that you have stylized your thread in a well-designed manner. Good job.

Very interesting!
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Captain British has an awesome avatar.
Go go the master!

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