Omaha Beach (D-day) 1944


Verrrrry Nice, if you put a filter on it, sorry it sorta ruins it, but still an amazing piece.

Edit: NVM, Doesn’t look like a filter.

Nice edit bro :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool. Though, at first I thought that guy’s head was floating from nowhere, but then I realized that I was just insane.

Not bad, few things I’d like to note;
[li]Textures are a good idea but they are a little heavy, and thick/large. Also the size doesn’t change the further away from the camera it is
[/li][li]Water droplets are good but also a tad heavy. They’re also like the textures in that they don’t get smaller based on distance
[/li][li]Germans in the distance look like they’re meeting for tea (as in no firing/calling artillery/[del]chewing bubblegun[/del] throwing shoes/shouting insults)
[/li][li]The rain itself is blurry and thick, kinda hard to make it out.
[/li][li]If the water splashes on the side of the boat are from the rain then it’s overdone. If it’s from the rough ocean water splashing on the side of the boat then it looks fine.
[/li][li]Contrast and saturation are a bit heavy-handed
[/li][li]Soldier looking at the camera is dead center of the frame, see rule of thirds

Hm. Interesting style.


Just as a nit-picking historical note, I don’t believe it was raining on the morning of June 6th.

it wasn’t raining on D-Day,was it?

so far,all the D-Day reenactments i saw in movies and whatnot,they were in daylight,cloudy,but not rainy

still,edit looks…not bad,but weird

I don’t think there were any bushes or trees near the beach.

People people the picture is amazing lets not ruin it with talk about how it truly was…

I think it looks fantastic;the editing gives it an artistic feel.

Only thing I don’t like is how bored the Werhmacht in the bunker look.

That’s awesome.

It looks good, but you should have used the water effect on the helmets only.

when i saw this thread title last night i thought; oh its just another new guy at facepunch posting yet another d-day picture. but HOLY SHIT :iia:

I agree with what most people say here. The overall picture is good, but the water is heavy(as stated before), and shouldn’t the Germans have machine guns firing?

Lovely work, very atmospheric. I’ll just second the Germans not doing anything, and add that they look a bit too close. That boat looks to be what, fifty meters from the bunker, if that? Just makes it feel a bit… off.

mhmmm ok its nice posing but i think its not right that there are too many different helmet types because when they are in the same squad they will all have ranger helmets like the man with the orange thing…also there are airborne soldiers?! wtf?!

It rained bullets :colbert:

Just to be a picky ass hole, the markings on the helmets show their company. So…TECHNICALLY, none of these guys should be in the same Higgins boat,and the Spade, I think is an Airbourne thing, and the camo helmet is the kind worn by U.s. Marines in the Pacific. Eh, I’m just being an asshole by pointing this out…it just sort of bothered me. Nice picture,though.

Good but shouldn’t the German’s be i don’t know… shooting?

That’s against the rules you must wait until they get on land :frowning: