Omaha Beach Landing

I’m not really happy with this picture but…
Here it is…


Holy Shit. That’s freaking awesome!

That’s amazing.

Which map is that on?

I think it’s dod_strand

It’s a DOD:S map.

Wow, th this…this is the best Omaha pose I ever seen compare to all of of them.

Great picture, the contrast really made it look awesome, as did the fore and background blur.

The video above is one I made with two friends… I think it suits the screenshot well.

I really like the water editing and the posing. :buddy:

Advertisement much?

Did you use any fingerposing? Doesn’t look like you did.

Other wise I really like the picture. Nice job.

well done

Why the heck is everyone sitting down in the landing crafts?


And yep i used the fingerposer but

  1. the dod hands suck cocks…
  2. the hands are too bright compared to the dark rifles so the effect got lost … gonna try to fix this later…

Btw: Thx for your comments :slight_smile:

some kinda explosions are look bad it’s okay though.

No explosions here… burning people :>!!!

The water effects are really good but a lot of the posing is quite dodgy and the fire has very hard edges and isn’t emitting any light, almost as if you copied and pasted it. Also, the contrast is too high in my opinion.

Good effort though.



Im going to redo the whole thing when I find some time

Original —>

can i have your water effect images? plz?