Omaha beach. (Remake of a really old pose i made)

Ya, the splash kind of looks like crap but i can’t seem to find any tutorials for explosions, bullet impacts and splashes. If someone could give me a link to one, i would be happy.

Everything looks brilliant, but the Empty space on the Right is kinda annoying me, Perhaps you could add some Oncoming boats or something, Otherwise, Nice job!

HAH!! That’s not Omaha, they would all be dead thanks to Mr. MG-42.

You fail history forever.

Don’t trust Saving Private Ryan too much, it wasn’t as much of a shitstorm of bullets like in that movie.

you’re dumb

the mood is suppose to be all like HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT, but then its like “piff…piff” im solemn even though my friend is being torn in half (and he has no emotion too), and yea its incredibly empty