Omega Gaming [Ocide/Share/Sleepers/Location] [Half Craft] [Minimal Wipes] [Rare MilitaryWeapons/C4]

To connect to the server please copy paste: net.connect

US WEST San Jose

Hello and welcome to Omega Gaming’s custom Rust server. We are providing a unique experience that offers the following:

  1. Custom Loot tables that make acquiring military weapons and armor such as M4’s/Kevlar etc drop only and uncraftable. This will provide players with an equal footing at all stages. No more getting camped by a squad of 5 full kevlar/m4 toting ass hats.

  2. C4 is craftable but explosives are uncraftable. This provides a great incentive to rush to the supply drops to gather up as much explosives as you can! Also explosives can be found in green ammo crates very rarely.

  3. No admin abuse. Tired of being chased by admins who are in god mode? Can’t stand the fact that admins can simply give themselves as much materials as they want? Well at Omega we will be struggling right along side you.

  4. Freshly Wiped. Come get an early advantage over your competitors, stake out those good spots before they all disappear!

  5. Ownership Removal mod. Were you drinking heavily and placed a pillar where it shouldn’t go? Well fret no longer, with ownership removal taking care of mistakes is as easy as equipping a pick axe and swinging at the building parts you placed!“AA Optional”

  6. Groups plugin. Did you actually find that one person who actually didn’t kos you? Form a group with him and have access to custom chat channels!

  7. Minimal Wipes. Nothing worse then building a mega fortress, only to login in the next day and find yourself naked. We have all been there and will do everything in our power to keep wipes from happening. After all we don’t want to lose our shit either!

  8. We listen to your feedback! Do you want a new mod installed? If enough agree with you it will be implemented. Its almost as if we are paying for you to run a server. =)

So what are you waiting for? I know half of you reading this just came from a terrible server where you had one of the above examples happen to you. Omega can be your new home!

joined for a bit. couldnt live with the lag since the server is in SJ and im in eastern canada lol. the admin was pretty cool though. seemed like a good server. oh well. have fun u californians!

Thanks flamingo it’s sad to see you go! Have fun and kill some bandits for me!