Omega hacker destroyed Official servers.

The server I play on (UK 3) aswell as all the other Official servers as far as I can tell, were attacked by a hacker using the omega symbol for his/her name. He/she killed everyone on the servers, aswell as destroyed all the storage boxes/furnaces and campfires over best part of the map whilst spouting spam about ‘cleansing’ the servers. That’s weeks of progress for most people gone in an instant. Surely there should be a Roll-back to before he/she attacked the servers and destroyed everything? I myself and I’m sure many others don’t want to have to start all over again thanks to a hacker when the damage can be easily undone by whoever controls the official servers. If this was an official wipe then fair enough. But it wasn’t.

I also agree there should be a wipe.

If I don’t want to play with abusing admins, I’m forced to deal with horrible rubberbanding and lag on the official servers, because Garry doesn’t wanna wipe them… Yeah it’s alpha, yeah it’s laggy and buggy and 10% working, but I’m just venting my frustrations.

So thats what happened lol. And I y hought someone was on vendetta against me. My all bases lost all crates and furnaces lol. Looked strange that someone would waste time for such thing lok. Uk2 server.

If a full wipe is in order then fair enough. But the people who weren’t affected by the hacker are running around like kings at the moment being the only ones with guns/kevlar armour. They just need to do a roll-back to about 2-3 days ago before the hacker decided to go on a ‘cleansing’ spree.

Press Shift-Tab, Click on View Players-Current game. This will bring up a list of all the players in the current game. Note: If already have the current players window up, you will need to close it and select it again to refresh it.

Now, find the offending player in the list, click on his name to see his profile. Once you’re on his profile you can right click and copy page url which will give you his steamcommunity id. You can then convert his steamcommunityid to an actual SteamID for purposes of reporting to admins or anyone else, using steamidconverter or any number of similar sites.

“Guy with omega symbol in his name” doesn’t really help.

not all community admins abuse on their servers or let hackers over run them, how many servers you played on community in total? like 20? theres like 6000+ community servers, thats like judging ALL the community severs when you have only played 0.2% of the total community servers. You cannot judge every server by this.

This Oemga symbol guy and his profile have already been posted in a few other topics on this forum. I have made my own topic aswell because it seems those other ones are getting ignored by Facepunch staff. And this isn’t really about just making sure this guy is banned. It’s about undoing the damage that he did so I can continue to progress again instead of starting all over.

I can confirm this. I believe it’s not a new hack, just shooting the storage boxes through walls.

And I agree that this is the reason to have official servers wiped (finally). So let’s hope that no overly keen mod (hmm) locks this (missed hacker thread), but understands that a server wipe discussion is due here.

In East coast 3 every time I log in more house have fallen. It’s basically keeping itself pretty clean now they got everything working correctly.

You don’t have Personal Messages on, so I couldn’t respond. I disagree because losing your stuff to a Hacker kind of is a thing that you should “prepare to start over from”. While I haven’t been affected, I don’t gain anything from this happening to others.

I apologize for bumping this, but the OP PM’ed me and can’t receive PM’s himself.

Yeah i remember this guy, I actually reported him on steam. He went around on Australia test server claiming that he was the king, and that he was cleansing the land in the name of himself because his castle was damaged or some random stupid thing

edit: he also demanded we pay him in ore for tax, when i refused to pay him his tax, he killed me with hacks and took my chicken as ‘punishment’

He has been cheatpunched


He was not, he’s still at it.
He hit Tokyo and East Coast 3 with a guy named Agent Orange today. Nothing has been done to stop him. Nothing.