Omega List of Rust Video Tutorials

Omega List of Rust Video Tutorials
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This is a list of videos to help out new players when they come to Rust Alpha. Hope these video tutorials can help some players out.

Some of these videos may be out of date due to recent changes, i.e. Zombies


How To: Make Metal Fragments:
How To: Cook Raw Meat:
How To: Use a Research Kit:
How To: Research a Research Kit:
Introduction To: The Repair Bench & Item Degrading:

Survival Techniques

How To: Make a Secure Base:
How To: Make a Secure Base [Extended]:
How To: Get Your First Gun:
How To: Find Your Friends:
How To: Get the Full Kevlar Armor Set:
How To: See in the Dark [Gamma Fix]:
Introduction To: The Zombie Boxes:
Introduction To: Sleeping Bags and Beds:
Is a Metal Base Worth It?:
Beginners Guide & Tips in 3 Minutes:


Best Places to Farm [Part One]:
Best Places to Farm [Part Two]:


How To: Get C4 [Explosive Charges]:
How To: Get a Shotgun:
Introduction To: The Pickaxe:
Introduction To: The Bolt Action Rifle:
Introduction To: The M4:
**Introduction To: Weapon Attachments: **

Streaming & Recording

How To: Stream Rust in the Dark [OBS]:

If anyone has any video tutorials that are not listed above please put the link in the comment section and I will go ahead and add it to the list

Thanks for putting all these in one spot. This has helped me out a great deal, especially how to stream it, ive been trying to stream Rust but got annoyed that my viewers could not see anything but a black screen when it was the night. Thank again!

Ya the streaming was tricky, it does make your screen look kinda funky during the daytime though.