Omerta-Vendetta PvP[EU/FIN] Bandits/Starter/Shop/AirD

Hello all Rust gamers,

we have just recently put up a new EU PvP server. Admin abuse, constant whine and lack of PvP are common problems, so we want to provide a server with the best quality in these areas.

If you want to fight and raid, and you understand that dying every now and then is a part of Rust, welcome to Omerta-Vendetta!

F1 to open console and type:

Advantages on our server:

-Server is powered by Magma
-Bandit and lawman system with karma
-Shop feature for buying weapons and equipment
-Sleepers and starter kits
-Airdrops when 10 player limit is reached
-Friendly environment
-No admin abuse
-Strict anti-cheating policy and cheatpunch

When we get our server running, there will be lots of raids and fighting, we want to provide action. 8)

Gather your explosive charges and follow us into the battle today!