OMG I'm Drunk (wiped 1/16/14) Oxide/Share/Limited C4/PVP/Airdrops

Server is located in the US: Chicago

OMG I’m Drunk Server is a server best used by Small to Large Groups. Solo players be advised to know your surroundings and possibly form alliances with groups in your area or, join them.

OMG I’m Drunk Server was founded by players who are sick and tired of jumping from multiple servers because of ABUSIVE admins. This server will have absolutely none of that here!

What we have setup.

  1. Faster Crafting
  2. Starter Kits:
    Welcome Kit: Includes Stone Hatchet, Bow, 10x Arrows, 4x Raw Chicken, 1 Camp Fire, 5x Wood, and Sleeping Bag.
    Starter Kit:** Obtained upon death for a limited amount of times. Includes Stone Hatchet, Bow, 10x Arrows, and 4x Raw Chicken.
    3.Ownership Remover: Tired of misplaced objects? I pillar placed by accident? Well, This mod allows the “Owner” of the foundation to remove objects with a Pick Axe 1 hit warns you 2 hits removes it. (you will receive some of the material back)
  3. Skills and Perks System
  4. ******Economy: ******Buy or Sell Goods to earn $$$, Kill players, animals zombies to gain $$$.
  5. Bounty System: Place Bounties on others!
  6. Use /Help for information.
  7. Server has functions including /History, and /Location.
  8. STATS! /stats for your personal stats and /shelp for information regarding “all” stats
  9. Ticketing system - /Ticket “Message” To open a ticket for admin. (Example ticket /Ticket “Stinkynuts is using speedhack/aimbot” (be sure to use “quotations” around the entire message or it will cut off.)
  10. Oxide
  11. Door Share
  12. Sleepers are ON.
  13. ****Limited C4 ****- Explosives (ingredient) are not Craftable but can still be found on airdrops and used to craft C4.
  14. Airdrops - Airdrops are currently set to happen when 25 players are online. This number will probably never decrease. However, it may increase. With Explosive (ingredient) being limited to being only available in airdrops (not craftable) we hope to bring more PVP battles to airdrops.
  15. *******No death spam in chat *******- We understand that some people like this feature. However, we feel that on a “Team” PVP server death spam ruins stealth and tactics. It is your job to read your own death spam and relay that information to your team.

Thinks That may Come after our next Wipe: — These are still up for debate.

  1. *******Rare Military: *******Military weapons/ Kevlar, etc will become non Re-searchable and only obtainable through drops, and Economy.

Information Regarding Server Wipes:
Server Wipes will more than likely only occur on major updates.


****Console connect (F1 Ingame)


Why is it called “OMG I’m Drunk”?

Because were a bunch of alcoholics.

I can confirm that this server is awesome

Good ping, no admin abuse.

New accounts, only posts are in this thread. Something seems suspicious.

I signed up on this forum specifically to make this post. I fail to see what is suspicious.

Considering this is a new (Beta) game and most peoples first time playing and signing up on facepunch forums just for Rust. I fail to see your logic.

Still plenty of room for growth and population. Current active players are friendly towards new players and most will help and avoid ganking… We’ve been staging pvp the last couple of nights.

Bump for update and new server features.

Server is updated with new plugins and information.