Omg she's in dangerr!11

would you help her? :3

You remind me of a retarded classmate typing all nerdy and stuff.

Flashlights are too sharp IMO you should have blurred them more or toned them down a bit.
Zoeys posing should be more like this:
See the dude on the right? She needs to be more hunched over.
You should also work on the face posing since it looks a bit unnatural.

1- she is sitting, she’s not crouching
2- she’s yellin at Francis cause he’s a lasy ass

And how are we supposed to instantly know this?

she is crouching

she has one knee on the ground supporting her weight, this is a form of crouching

turn on your power of imagination

So I’m supposed to INSTANTLY IMAGINE she’s talking talking to an invisible character in the dark room?


Anyone else think that the hunter’s face looks like Carlton from Fresh Prince?

You’re totally gay.

Bumpers gonna bump

Zoey’s all “DERP”
and the hunters all “I’M GONNA EAT U”
but seriously nice light edit and stuff

ok turned it on



this is what happens when you hurt Ellis, it pisses zoey off :smiley:

Stop bumping the fucking thread.

Hmm, I will say the blur does make it look like the Hunter has a rapeface on.