OMG stop wiping the buildings .......

i had like 5000 wood and 7000 metal and i took to my inventory 2000 metal and 2000 woods and when i came to the server my house got wiped !
and then i built a new one and a lot of people tried to kill me because of this freaking PVP but i killed all of them (like 3-4 guys)

and then i lost connection with the server, i refreshed my browser and i got spawned in another location (with the same stuff i had before refreshing the browser)
i tried to locate my house but it was in a completly different place and then someone with a hatchet came to me i started to shoot him, he got like 3 bullets to the chest - knee area and he killed me from a distance of 5 meters because of the freaking lags !

stop wiping the houses … i played alot yesterday to get all of this … i had alot of resources and good things and now its lost !

Welcome to beta

Seriously people like you shouldn’t be playing if you can’t even fucking know it’s an incomplete game that is subjected to change.

You are testing game , not playing it just for fun.
Admins can wipe map everytime when they want.

Find bugs and post them , if you dont want do that then stop playing.

True, the mission to test isn’t to create a super-sized mansion, but to find bugs and such.

qq more

protip- Before you log out get some wood together 600 or so and craft a few foundations, walls, doors etc. Pack up all the shit you want to bring with you because it will be gone with the server wipes.

I logged in and had a 95% safe base in less than 5 minutes along with all my lewt from earlier.

This also applies if you’re afraid of getting raided (Which you get 95% of the time)

Most of time. Maybe if it’s a place of interest.

An example:
Before the wipe I found this huge tower of foundations and I saw 3 out of 4 of it’s front door entrances are gone. So I destroy the last door and I just see a shitload of goodies of materials, weapons, armor, just fucking everything.

Five minutes later I decided to throw it all in the ocean :v:

You guys gotta stop building in hacker central or wherever you are. If you want to be neighbors you can join the coastal club. Its a bit of a walk to the lewt spawns but you won’t get killed by hackers and such every 5 minutes. Also dat ocean view.

Used to live out by the coast and radiation border in this bigass castle with this bigger ass wall. Didn’t stand a chance.

Actually coastal bases are more of a target because people regularly travel coastal to get place to place without the radiation fields or being killed. So if you build there, don’t except to have your stuff the next time you get back online.

Don’t tempt fate. sometimes a more modest set up is better. If your castle was truly “bigass” then it probably attracted the attention of every hacker and bandit that came across it. That and the bigger you make your place the more difficult it becomes to defend.

I don’t know which coasts you’ve been traveling but I’ve yet to have my things pilfered. To that end I’ve yet to have a single barricade or door destroyed on any of my coastal properties.

Actually welcome to Alpha

In testing games its very much necessary for the Devs to wipe a server. Changes will be made to the game in many ways, code changes, item behaviour changes, item looks, item sizes, environment changes of all kinds and so on and so on. For these changes to work with the game, for the changes to be noticed and tested a server wipe is often necessary.

You are playing a free game, a good free game, which you can help influence and guide in the right direction (or at least your own incorrect version of the right direction :D), enjoy the ride man

Actually welcome to Gamma

Right now, you’re playing to help the developers bugtest.
You didn’t pay anything to play this game, nor are you contributing to it by whining.