This is my second picture here. I added some ‘‘motion blur’’ in the picture, for action look.

And here’s a link for unresized one, which is better:

needs some work, but on the whole it’s looks somewhat good:

make him looking at the headcrab for a start
download some new skins man.

(i don’t think anyone has the basic skins anymore do they?)

maybe a more fitting map? that map just doesn’t fit the whole… headcrab invasion theme much does it?

I agree at almost every point, but it was not ment man to watch headcrab… i think the explain why i did so is that headcrab pulled the man down and his head sway littlebit… hope you understand. :smiley:

so he’s like looking around for help or something…
yeah i guess so, maybe you could have had him reaching for a melee weapon that could have been cool