Omni Flip - A simple coinflip

It’s not on ScriptFodder anymore soo thought I’d release it here.
No code is not stolen, gtfo with your claims.
This is version to not make my customers feel like they got scammed. If you bought the script on ScriptFodder, yes there will be support and new updates. You can request a refund too, don’t open a dispute just send me a message on ScriptFodder (Pat).

On to the script.
It’s a coin flip.

YouTube video (of 1.1.8)


Just apply for an unban Pat.

Nice release anyways.

Not a smart move mate… Especially after all the drama on SF.

Good script tho…

I’m unbanned on ScriptFodder, and Nookyava was fine with this.

Why was this on ScriptFodder anyway?

I don’t know why customers would be upset after what went down tbh.

How is he unbanned after stealing code and using leaked scripts :/… :bullshit:

People love to play favorites

Not to mention after he got called out the first time for stealing code on his script the moderator yet told him to re-submit his script so he could have no steal accusations towards him, you get those all the time and no one can re-submit so it’s obviously favorites.

drama is for losers

thanks for the release

igorance is for losers

thanks for stealing code in this release

Weird ( for a better term ) that hes unbanned after Marcuz called the ban: “The ban was justified”…

and that he doesn’t care about it, we’ve brought it up with him

for now we’re protesting:[/t]


since nooky is the one who unbanned him illegitimately :frowning:

Please get your facts straight before you start trying to get a band wagon going about me, considering it was a staff team decision.

A decision started by you and defending pat by you

Someone call a plumber, the SF thread is leaking

  • snip -

Fuck off with drama. If you believe the code is,yours send a DMCA request to NFO

Protesting on forums by changing a profile picture, that is brilliant. Im sure a lot will change! This is why scriptfodder will never be a professional place. They allow people who insult their moderators, and allow drama to fester non stop. There are numerous occasions when people derail sf threads and cause drama when it’s not needed. I don’t get why people who start shit storms get away with it. If you have an issue with someone, use skype, steam messaging or discord, don’t start a shitstorm on the forums.

This is a thread about a script release, not for you to push your bandwagon agenda.

i think the joke went over my head here

oops, I’m sorry you have such a problem with a marketplace for GARRY’S MOD being unprofessional. people deserve to have an opinion and you don’t see people “private messaging” authorities when an actual protest happens? lmfao

you signed up this month, seem to use the same words as Nooky did and your OS, browser & country are the same as Nooky’s… hmm

looking at your posts you seem to be jumping in on drama and “bandwaggoning” yourself so I think you’re speaking pretty hypocritically here anyway

and who cares if it’s a script release, we’ll talk where we want to. this script wouldn’t even be here if the drama hadn’t of started. sorry for making you scroll down and seeing what you don’t want to. maybe I should add a trigger warning for ya?

I’ll just be up front here here - that’s not an alternate account I created. While I disagree with how you guys handled things, I have more respect than to stoop to creating alts.

Holy shit I’m glad I’ve never had anything to do with Scriptfodder.