Omni Shop

What is ‘Omni Shop’?
Omni Shop is a NPC dealer that sells:
Pointshop 1 points
Pointshop 1 items
Pointshop 2 standard points
Pointshop 2 premium points
Pointshop 2 items
Food (DarkRP)
Whatever you code yourself! It’s very very easy, you could probably ask the creator of insert script to add support. Even beginners could make a function relatively easy by using wiki.

Some featuresNo network exploits, everything is validated on the server (100% secure).
Each NPCs can have different items, meaning you can make different shops!
Themes. You can easily change the colors yourself in config.
Easy, yet powerful config.
Sleek UI with animations.
Show model or image, up to you.
VIP items
Scaling UI, all the way from 640x480 to infinite resolution.
No download, everything is done with Lua.
Categories; no reason for everything to be in one place, simply make a new category and place things inside that.
InstallationJust drag’n’drop “omnishop” into your addons folder.
Config is located at omni_shop/lua/entities/omnishop_npc/shared.lua
If you wish to create another NPC just copy “omnishop_npc” and rename it and edit the shared.lua!
Config is already documentated, but if you need more help feel free to open a ticket!
Spawn the NPC by typing “omni_spawnshop yournpc(without quotes) into console!**DarkRP 2.5 or above is required! **

Isn’t this thing from scriptfodder?

Yes it is

Welp thanks for releasing this for free
You should add the description too

Thank you for releasing this free always good to see some free content!

Btw is this support different model for different shop?

It can support different models quite easily, I’ve done it myself.

Can u show me? XD

Copypaste “omnishop_npc” and rename it to “omnishop_insertname”

The config for each NPC is in shared.lua

Will you be releasing that massive update you had planned for this?

Publicly? No. A selected amount of customers can get it if they contact me.

It gonna involve money right? :v:

No one wants your shit code with pretty gui, Even if you’re banned from sf

No, just earlier customers from SF so they dont feel scammed.


How do I remove npc’s? lol

Edit: Nevermind, found it

Hello, i would like the weapon is only buy for few jobs.
Can you help me?

Theres an allowedTeams part in the weapon, simply add the jobs in there, eg

allowedTeams = { TEAM_CITIZEN, TEAM_GUN }