Omniderectional dynamic lighting

I want to achieve the effect this person has in this video

I want to make a map where you have to find things in the dark. And i want to be able to pick up a dynamic light that shines in all directions and use it as opposed to the players flashlight.

Thanks in advance.

AFAIK more than one dynamic light entity will cause the game to crash or slow down to almost a standstill.

What the person did in the video was probably a mod with that entity written by him. It may also be an env_projectedtexture, but based on the way the shadow appears it isn’t.

On a related note, what is the entity that gmod uses for the “light” tool?

Only way you can get lighting like that is to make your own mod and code it in.


Is that GMod? If so then that’s the light entity that can be created by Lua in GMod(I think). If not it’s the same type of thing, just a coded entity that gives out omnidirectional light instead of directional. It’s not possible outside a custom mod I don’t think.

Its not gmod. Its in his mod; “Operation Broken Arrow.”

-Insert misunderstanding here-

I left a message on his video asking him how he did it.

I’m also not too sure how to get env_projectedtextured to work.

What i’m currently trying to do is make a cube that parented with a light dynamic entity so that i can pick it up. That’s fine and all but the light it produces is only about 45 degrees and not 360 degrees.

If anyone might know how to get it to 360 degrees that would be greatly appreciated

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In ep2, you can have only one env_projectedtexture and thats the flashlight. If you have it on, while the env_projectedtexture is on, you will get odd shadows.

More info on the env_projectedtexture here;

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I’m making sure the player cant use the flashlight so that won’t be a problem.

I want to do something similar, just like the omnilight tool in gmod.
The env_flare entity seems to create a dynamic omni-light, so I’m wondering why there isn’t a regular one yet. Unfortunetely env_flare isn’t very versatile.

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Make an env_projectedtexture’s fov to 360. If that doesn’t work, place 6 of them in a cube, and set the fov to 90 on each one.

Trying it now.


Neither way worked. 360 = no light 90x6 = fubar shadows

It be nice if it worked like being able to carry the regular ‘light’ around

Wow that effect looks really nice, I also would like to know how to do this.

Just wait for portal 2 to come out :crossarms: Then we should have dynamic lighting such as that.


For those who want to try the 6 sided thing.