Omnitank thingy lololol

So i joined the fad, woopetypoop.

And this is also some sort of getback contraption because i haven’t built anything for ages now.

Still gotta add some more details, change the barrel and some stuff that i randomly think about while working on it.

booo less omni, more conventional. Also fads are for fags <3


no u

Nice tnak
Needs more E2 though

…I keed, I keed.
It’s a nice omnitank. What with all the balls for wheels and whatnot. Not much more to say about it.

Slam some applyforce on it and you wont fail.

Yes, because applyforce is the answer to all the questions.[/sarcasm]

Seriously, why us applyforce for this? I mean, except for the cannon. Aside from that, applyforce would be a bit pointless, since you can get it to move perfectly without it.

Someone needs some applyforce put onto their applyforce. Applyforce.

Hey dude add some applyforce for that shit.
Applyforce is like win, and when you put on the apply force try using some E2 for that apply force magic on top of the applyforce magic that you are try to use on your apply force omnitank k applyforce?

it all makes sense now
my life is a life

No because it would suck its own balls.


I have but one thing to post.

Hoverballs also make some stuff so much easier. And they’re hated. I don’t see the point of your counterargument.

Come on guys, keep this thread clear, go to conair thread if you want faggotery.

Hoverballs make things easier too guys

loses smooth third dimensional movement
loses ability to pitch and roll effectively
presses the wrong button causing the contraption to blackhole

Applyforce requires effort.

Unlike taking the hoverball stool and spamming it over 187464523578 containers as most people who cant build properly do.

I seriously flag all that bullshit as spam. You still don’t get it?

Live with it guys, I’m not kind of wire nurd, I’m 100% into building. The end.

But Applyforce tbh.
Stop being a complete applyfgt and listen to gibbo preach.
apply fgt.

u… mad?

Not yet :3
I know applyforce may be very useful for some stuff.
But i’m not using it, because i don’t need to and i don’t want to.
Seriously, end this now.

What is this? I don’t even…