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Right. Now the confusing image is out of the way, let me explain what I’m actually on about.

“Omnivora” is a vaguely RTS-y territory-control sort of game. You start with a single plant; your objective is to grow it and spread its descendants to create a garden, incidentally crowding out and destroying other players’ plants while of course trying to stop them from doing the same to yours.

The main resources in Omnivora are NPCs, or, from your plant’s perspective, tasty, tasty food. To get your plant to grow, you must lure NPCs from a central spawn point to your garden, where the plants can trap and eat them. Be warned, though: some NPCs are tougher than others, and your plant must be of a high enough level to take them on or it’ll get trampled or eaten itself. If you were of a particularly unpleasant frame of mind, you might let a Hunter chase you near an opponent’s lowly Level 2 and let events take their course; be mindful, though, that while your own garden is unattended all sorts of nasty things could be happening to it.

Omnivoran plants produce seeds at regular intervals. These can be planted wherever you like, and can be used to expand your territory; when two plants - for example, yours and an enemy’s - are near each other, the higher-level of the two will take most of the food, and the lower-level one will eventually starve. As a plant’s level increases, so does its rate of seed production.

Players in Omnivora are invulnerable; you can take no damage from anything. You also, however, have no weapons - if an antlion is loose in your garden, your best bet is to try to get its attention and draw it away.

So. Would anyone play this? Suggestions, comments, et al., are all welcome - if you think the idea’s shit, please tell me so, and share any thoughts you have on how to improve it.

That sounds like fun. I would play it.

Cool looks good

wow mahalis, this sounds like a bucket o’ fun. I never would have thought of using plants for a rts, and yes I would play this.
What if there are different classes of plants, like a paracite plant that can only live if it attached to another plant. Like once you plant it its out of your hands and will go for and drain any plant it can reach. You could also have venus fly-trap like plants that will eat antlions or what ever is bothering them. The balancer could be that once it eats something it has to wait to digest and if it can’t get any meat it will die.

sounds good.

sounds awesome, but I don’t like the idea that you can just lure the antlion away without taking any dmg.

Sounds great! Hope it turns out good.


And I forgot to mention that you just posted my idea… you win, we pretty much had the same idea. But mine wasn’t exactly RTS more like… not any point of saying it now anyway.

Vegetarian headcrabs :v:.

This seems like it’d be interesting - is there going to be a maximum of plants of each level a player can have?

Or, maybe at level five the player could choose when to upgrade the plant to level 6, and would have a few choices.

A) Aggressive Predator:
The plant is very thorny and allows nearby plants to count as two levels higher for the purpose of eating npcs.

B) Aggressive Defender:
The plant upsets the soil’s pH balance, making nearby plants count as two levels higher for choking enemy plants.

C) Fruit-bearing:
The plant produces a sweet fruit that attracts prey.

D) Defender:
The plant is mildly poisonous, creating a one level bonus for any check.

Or maybe not.

Neat idea, though.

that is pretty cool.

Of course, I’d hope that bonuses don’t stack, or we’d see someone build a toxic wasteland of defenders and attackers and have a fruit-bearer in the middle, watching the slaughter commence :v:.

Nothing like a level seventy fruit-bearer and a bunch of level seventy plants to munch on every thing and dominate the map.

Idea: You should only be able to plant a seed nearby on of your plants.

That’s on helluva idea.
Might be fun.

I’d play it.
Quite a funny concept if you think about it, but I think it’d be fun. :excited:

Wow, I would certainly try this one out if you write a good help file :v:

Seems like a hell of a lot of work for just two weeks…

I bring the hacks!

WOW I love that Idea!

I loved plant tycoon too. (Holy shit I forgot to water them)
Ideas: The idea to make plants only being seed nearby other plants is not bad.
It’s like C&C in Plant version laugh out loud.

Well and maybe you can make these plants movable no? Like a danger is coming up and the plants are going to hide(On your order of course).

Maybe you could be equipped with a chemical sprayer that has miracle gro-esque fluid for your plants and herbicide for your enemies…

I didn’t know grass could eat humans if near a thornbush.

wow, I would’ve never thought someone would make a plant mod like this, its suprising.

Good job on this stuff, I think it’s worth a release for plant-lovers.

If that was implemented, it’d be a level three plant, meaning it could.