I sure as hell would play this.

And I thought it would be impossible to make a compelling game mode from “Gardening” I was wrong, looks great, keep up the good work.

A gamemode made in an hour and everyone wants to play it. :v:


…Oh it’s not finished yet :downs:

This, my fine sir, is a bloody brilliant idea for a gamemode. Can’t wait for it!

This is brilliant ! There should just be (which I presume you thought about it) a map for it, with X numbers of gardens all around the map, fences protecting them on the sides and the middle would be the bait spawn area.


Maybe a few houses (Can’t go inside them) with little gardens in the back as the first plant spawn? And npc spawns in the street.

When I found out the contest had started, the first idea I had for a gamemode to make was something like this. Then I entered this thread and my hopes were crushed :frowning:

I would love to play it.

Unique RTS for sure. Plants vs animals has never really been done before

Headcrab>Fast Headcrab>Poison Headcrab>Antlion>Antlion Worker>Metrocop with stunstick>Antlionguard?

Those are all the NPCs with only melee attacks.

Mhh wait antlion workers also have ranged attack.

It sounds playable, and I would give it a try if you were to get it working, but it also sounds like you’d lose interest after awhile.

haha i’d play it

Sounds a bit overcomplicated.
I think Garry aims more at the 5-15 minute time waster gamemodes we used to have in 9.

I’m so Excited :excited:

I would definitely play it. I would love to take the code apart from your RTS components and learn from it.

I approve.

Sounds awesome.

Wow. Thanks for all the feedback, y’all.

All of the plants will eat things.

I like this idea - it’d add some strategic variety beyond just running around after NPCs.

Right, and it’s been bloody ages since I’ve done a gamemode. Should be interesting to see how it turns out. :slight_smile:

Batmoutarde, Rubs10 - I’m a slow mapper. As it stands the game’s going to take place in regular gm_construct, maybe with the indoor areas zoned off.

I’m going to see what I can do to make the NPCs shortsighted and chase-y - the Combine are likely to be the most trouble in that regard.

So, progress. I’ve got an NPC source that keeps tabs on the number of NPCs in the map and respawns them as necessary, I’ve got a gun that plants… plants, I’ve got a few ideas on how to handle plant eating, and I’ve got a crap-ton more work to do. :smiley:

This looks really cool. And I definitely think it would benefit from having its own map. A symmetrical one.

I dunno about the map, using gm_construct opens the gamemode up to anyone who has Garry’s mod, which is always a good thing. Only problem is that it might be a bit small.

Also, a bit more strategy (like Kogitsune’s idea) than simply running around would make it more interesting, but who knows, I haven’t played it yet and it sounds fun as is…

Good luck with this.


Maybe you could get points for growing plants, planting new seeds, and feeding your plants. Then, with these points you could buy upgrades, like fertilizer, or a better way to lure NPCs to your plants.

Too bad there’s only two weeks, eh?